Smart clothes that guide blind people

The technology of smart clothing continually displays new innovations. The two most recent coming first by U.S. researchers, who created vibrant clothes that guide the blind people on the street and by Chinese scientists who built elastic yarn batteries embedded in clothing and feeding electricity. Approximately 285 million people suffer […]


Secrets of Athletic Champions That you Can Emulate

If you have ever watched athletes competing, then you must have been amazed at what the human body is capable of achieving. However, this is only possible through proper training, the right mindset and proper nutrition. Our bodies have been made to adapt to what we take them through. Here […]

Innova - Classroom-Design-Infographic Apr 14

How Can the Classroom Affect your Child’s Grades?

So what are the criteria that you are checking when choosing a school for your child? The average test results? Sharpness of the Teachers? Proximity to your home? Maybe you should be looking more in depth at the layout of the actual classroom and consider how it affects your child’s […]

Science / Technology

The hi-tech future source material is called Graphene

This is the most powerful, thinner and more durable material ever created by man. Graphene is a mutant form of carbon which is the best conductor of electricity and heat on the planet. Get ready to hear more and more often the material isolated from raw graphite in 2004 at […]

Big Bang

The Big Bang theory

One of the most important theories of modern cosmology is that the universe began with the Big Bang. This course is not just an idea but a scientific theory supported by much evidence. For starters we have the theory of the cosmic microwave background, the continued expansion of space and […]

A new dwarf planet

Say hello to 2012 VP113, the newest dwarf planet discovered

The data that we currently have about our solar system have changed after a breakthrough astronomers made and shows a new celestial object in the so-called “inner Oort cloud”. It is an icy dwarf planet with the provisional name «2012 VP113», which has a diameter of about 450 km. Scientists […]


Human facial recreation from DNA

Although the technique is still at an early stage, making portraits without much precision, could in the future, when it is further improved to provide significant assistance to the police and other services. The method is based on identifying genes affecting the formation of facial features in humans. The researchers, […]

Obesity and school grades
Career / Science

Obesity brings low grades in school

Obesity in girls is associated with lower academic performance throughout the course of adolescence, compared with peers who have normal weight, according to a new British scientific research. This is the largest study done to date on the relationship between obesity and performance of adolescents at school. Researchers from the […]

New Planets discovered

NASA has discovered 715 new planets

Almost with one look NASA discovered not one, nor two but 715 new planets! This is the largest mass discovery of new planets ever with one look. To understand the magnitude of the discovery, up before this discovery we knew just 1,000 planets. The 715 new planets revolve around 305 […]


A new state of matter was found in the eyes of chicken

A new state of matter that can manifest simultaneously as glass and liquid has been found in the most unexpected place: in the eyes of a chicken. The unusual arrangement of photoreceptors in the eyes of chickens, discovered by physicists from the universities of Princeton and Washington in St. Louis, […]

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