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NSA is working on quantum computer that can decrypt any password

The National Security Agency (NSA) is working on the construction of a quantum computer that can decrypt any password of even higher security, revealed exclusively today by The Washington Post from documents of the CIA and Edward Snowden. The development of quantum computing is a goal pursued for years by the scientific community and the NSA, the European Union and Switzerland have made ​​significant progress in the last decade. A quantum computer is much faster than a common one so it can decipher all forms of coding even of higher security is used to protect state secrets, financial transactions and medical and business information.

According to documents provided by Snowden, the work of the NSA to build a quantum computer is part of a research program of $ 79.7 million under the title “penetrating hard targets”. Experts believe that the NSA is not close to achieving the ambitious goal of quantum computing scientific community. A decade ago, some experts claimed that the quantum computer could come in the next ten or a hundred years, whereas five years ago it felt that to achieve this goal there were still at least ten years necessary. The difference between quantum and classical computing is that while the latter uses the binary system of ones and zeros, the first uses the “quantum bits” that are simultaneously zeros and ones.

Quantum Processing System

Quantum Processing System

A classical computer, even if it’s quick, must make a calculation every time while a quantum one can avoid doing calculations as they are unnecessary to solve a problem, which is able to find the answer faster. Quantum computers are extremely delicate so if you do not adequately protect them, the system may fail.

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