A Beginner’s Guide to E-Cig Maintenance

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a brand-new e-cigarette, the smoking sensation that is sweeping the nation. You probably made the switch because of all the advantages e-cigs have over traditional tobacco products, including the lack of harmful chemicals, the bevy of delicious flavors, and the significant decrease in cost.

Indeed, e-cigs are undoubtedly the best way to get your daily dose of nicotine — but the reusable types do require some TLC to keep functional and refreshing for years to come. Since you are new to the e-cig scene, you will certainly benefit by learning the following fast and easy maintenance tips.

Keep Batteries Clean and Clear for Good Connectivity

Your e-cigarette receives power through a number of small metal connections between the battery and cartridge (also called the atomizer). Over time, these connections will become coated in dirt and moisture from exposure to everyday life. Just like you wouldn’t expect your computer to work well if it is covered in condensation, you shouldn’t believe your e-cig will function at its peak when the battery is barely connected to the rest of the rig through a layer of grime.

E-Cig Maintenance

E-Cig Maintenance

Cleaning these connections is fast and easy. You need only run a lint-free cloth, like a micro-fiber cloth you use for cleaning glasses or monitor screens, around the connections, including the threads where the battery screws into the device. You should check frequently to make sure gunk isn’t preventing perfect connectivity, but you probably only need to deep-clean once every two weeks. By keeping the battery clean, the connection between it and the device will remain strong and prevent it from inefficiently charging your e-cigarette.

Be Battery Savvy for Long Longevity

When it comes to e-cigarettes, there are three sizes of battery: mini, standard, and high-capacity. When properly cared for, the mini battery should last about 175 puffs, the standard 250 puffs, and high-capacity batteries an astounding 350 puffs or more — but these estimates only hold true if you follow the rules for maintaining and extending battery life. Here are the cardinal rules of owning long-lived batteries:

  • Frequently use the battery. Just like the muscles in your body, the lithium-ion cells in a battery convey energy faster and easier when they are exercised regularly. Using them daily is optimal.
  • Always hold a charge. Battery cells die when they sit empty for an extended period of time, so the longer you wait to charge your battery, the more likely you are to have less charge later on. It is better for the battery for you to always charge it before it completely dies, as it will recharge must faster that way.
  • Never overcharge the battery. Being overfull is just as detrimental to battery life as being empty, so you should remove your battery from the charger as soon as it is done.
  • Carefully store the battery. Your battery should never sit for long periods in direct sunlight, freezing temperatures, or anywhere it could get wet. Additionally, you should avoid storing your battery with less than 50 percent charge, as it will drain faster and move slower upon recharge. If the e-cigarette uses an automatic battery, you’ll want to unscrew the battery from the atomizer in order to prolong its life between charges and if it’ll be several hours before its next use.

    Maintenance Procedure

    Maintenance Procedure

Avoid Flooding Your Cartridge for Better Taste

Eventually, your e-cig will run out of e-juice, which means to continue your clean, delicious vaping experience, you need to add more to your atomizer. This is a delicate process that requires finesse, and most novice vapers end up adding way too much fluid and fouling up their rigs.

Too much e-juice in a cartridge will leak into the rest of the e-cigarette, causing myriad problems including poor battery connectivity. Additionally, the excess fluid can cause the heating element in the atomizer to burn, producing stale- or burnt-tasting vapor.

Of course, the best and easiest way to prevent this problem is to purchase pre-filled cartridges. This removes the possibility of ruining your atomizer (and contaminating the rest of the device) with too much e-juice and cuts down on the amount of time you need to spend cleaning and refilling the entire rig. Plus, you can still experiment with new flavors and intensities.

Use Various Tools for Maintenance Simplicity

Various e-cigarette vendors offer tools and accessories that make maintaining an e-cig much simpler. The more you protect your e-cigarette from the elements, the less time you have to spend making sure it is running at peak performance; thus, you should strongly consider investing in an e-cigarette carrying case to properly store your e-cig while it isn’t in use. Alternatively, you should use an e-cig lanyard that hangs around your neck, so your precious rig won’t get bashed and damaged while rolling around in your back pocket. You can also buy protective covers, including mouthpiece guards that absorb shocks and keep dust and dirt from accumulating in the nooks and crannies of your device.

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