Articles written by: Nicole Papadimitriou device

Alcohol protection | The device

We are all aware that enjoying your drink in a public place, like clubs, bars or parties, can turn out to be dangerous! The people who will try to harm you can easily throw in your drink different kinds of drugs by waiting for a moment that you won’t be […]


Mac computers | Hidden features

You might “swear” on your Mac and declare eternal faith to Apple and think you can handle the devices well, there are certainly some details that got away. Here are some hidden features of Mac computers, which will help you learn more about the many possibilities offered to you. 1. […]

Smart Caps Lock

The best smart features by Apple

Apple products have conquered the world thanks to the quality of their design and attention to detail. Yet the average user of Apple devices often do not even see these small details, or whether they are useful only in very few of them. Some of these features offer even more […]

120 Sports

Top 5 new apps | 2014

Every month thousands of new applications are being released and of course it is difficult to follow everything and know what’s new in the App Store and Google Play Store. See below a list of the five best apps that stood out in the last month. From science fiction adventures […]

Bandsintown Concerts

The best applications for this summer

The summer has come once again in our lives and many have started to plan their summer vacations. In addition to sunscreen, towels, hats, sunglasses and suitcases, be sure to fill your mobile phone with applications that will keep you good company this summer. See below the best applications for […]


The two most distant stars in our galaxy were discovered

American astronomers have discovered two stars that are more distant than they’ve ever been identified in our galaxy. The stars are located in the so called outer halo, ie the distant region of the galaxy, at distances of 775,000 and 900,000 light years respectively. The main diameter of our galaxy […]

Galaxy S5 mini

Samsung unveils the stylish Galaxy S5 Mini

The Samsung Electronics, officially announced the Galaxy S5 mini. The Galaxy S5 mini has the same performance as the flagship from Samsung, while users will also benefit from the fitness functions and device protection available also at the Galaxy S5. I always try to design devices to meet different needs and […]


The moderated alcohol consumption protects the heart

Moderated alcohol consumption reduces the risk of heart attacks and cardiovascular problems, according to two new scientific studies. However, it remains unclear whether all types of alcohol provide the same health benefits in humans. In this, however, agreed by the two research groups is that increased alcohol consumption increases the […]

Samsung Knox Security Service

The Android becomes more secure | New update

Samsung and Google have announced that part of the Samsung KNOX technology will be incorporated in the next update of the operating Android. The new version of Android, which was presented at the conference Google I / O, will include a series of new features for IT professionals and managers, […]

SR 71 Blackbird

The most bizarre flying machines of all time

The advent of the sophisticated mechanical bird that allowed people to make the Earth a global village deemed the top inventions of mankind. Each time we plan a trip abroad, we must thank the pioneers of aviation and their unparalleled accomplishments! The aviation sector is defined also by the constant […]

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