Articles written by: Nikos Kontorigas


More Options, More Profit: Betfair’s Betting Apps

Betfair, the sports betting site that virtually transformed the gambling world when it first launched, has continued to innovate in recent years with the introduction of a bustling toolbox of mobile apps. From market analysis tools to betting assistants, Betfair’s betting app selection is full of handy pieces of software […]


Your smartphone ended up getting wet! Now what?

It’s something that has happened to many people and probably you have a couple of friends that boast about it. It may be a prank gone wrong, your forgeting it in your pocket when having taken a dive or even an unexpected bucket challenge that appeared out of nowhere. Not […]

Think of the positive aspects of traveling above the clouds

Tips to beat your fear of flying

What’s your favorite means of transport for your holidays? The answers vary, and among them, you will definitely come across someone who says that he’s afraid of flying with an aeroplane for many reasons. Traveling around the world is one the best experiences you can live and, to reach some […]

Cristiano Ronaldo

Top 5 of the highest paid athletes for 2014

According to some people, there is nothing better than doing the job you love and getting paid for it. That is exactly the case for professional athletes, who have tried hard and turned their hobbies and interests into their full-time job. What’s more is the fact that in some cases, […]


4 up-and-coming social networks

Though Facebook, Twitter and Instagram may be the current leaders in the field of social networks, it doesn’t mean neither that they are the only ones around nor that others won’t try to catch up to them. Let’s see 4 social networks that have made their appearance these past months […]

You are way too distracted when taking a selfie

Taking selfies when driving | Not safe

Once the largest source of driver distraction was the radio, with the driver often having to find the right CD to play or pick his favourite station. Then came the mobile phone, with its calls and text messages, but now is the turn of selfies, or the self-portraits to be […]

Mark Zuckerberg

The youngest billionaires on the Internet

They are young, they are millionaires and the thing that they all have in common is that they have amassed fortunes around new technologies and the Internet. Led by founder of Facebook, here are the billionaires under 40 years that have made their wealth in the network. Mark Zuckerberg Not […]

Make your plans for the trip and everyone will be happy

How to entertain your children during a long road trip

When going on holidays, one of the best parts of it is when traveling to get there. However, in case one needs to take a long car trip with the kids, the biggest problem is to get them to sit for a long time and not to whine about it. […]

It's time to get tanned!
Entertainment / Travel

Tips on getting the perfect tan during your beach holidays

It’s summer time! Everyone is already on holidays or planning their next excursion on the beach. What’s more attractive than a great tan during the summer? Read on for some great tips on how to achieve the perfect tan and protect yourself during your beach holidays! Save yourself from sunburn […]

Smart glasses

A pair of smart glasses allows partially sighted people to see clearly

Researchers have developed smart glasses that improve the vision of people who see blurry images due to eye problems. Coming from Oxford University, they claim to have lenses that enhance the image of nearby people or objects, thus giving a clearer sense of space. At least this what the Royal […]