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Tiger Woods
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Can Tiger Woods beat Jack Nicklaus’ Major record?

Tiger Woods roared his way to a first Major victory in 1997 at The Masters, only a year after turning professional. During the 2000s, he was the dominant force in golf maintaining his number one ranking for much of that decade. However he took a step away from the golf […]

Calling Apps
News on Deals / Technology

Free calls, services and apps

Remember when we cared for if we lost the mobile because it meant losing our address book? The classic book is moving to the contact list of email and increasingly, we switched free international calls to free video call services such as Skype or Hangout of Google+ or apps like […]

Singles holidays
News on Deals / Travel

Do you ever wonder what types of people go on Singles Holidays?

When thinking about going on a holiday alone, many people are unsure as to what kinds of people go on holidays for singles and often ask, “will I have a good time?” and “will there be other people there with similar interests to me?” The answer is, there is no […]

Famous Business Cards
Business / News on Deals

Top 10 Famous Business Cards

Business cards are an intrinsic part of self-advertisement. They function as a quick snapshot of what you and your business can offer potential clients and business partners, so presentation and style is everything. Listed below are ten famous business cards that really grab your attention for all the right reasons. […]

Seal the deal
Business / News on Deals

How to make a cool sales presentation

According to surveys, 80% of sales presentations are usually boring with banal content for the client, making over 70% of the deals not to be made. While each vendor has its tactical, it is also true that there are infallible rules every professional must consider. In this regard, Carlos Sedano, coordinator […]

Online games
News on Deals

Coolest online game sites overtaking the world

Lately games have taken various forms and facets to provide us with fun and entertainment, either from our phones, consoles and the same Internet where can be found considerably abound number of them, but why have online casinos become so popular? These services have taken the net, and people have […]

The coolest and most expensive poker sets ever made
News on Deals

The coolest and most expensive poker sets ever made

Thousands of precious gems? Check! Made of iron from space? Check! Poker is a game of high stakes. Hundreds of thousands and even millions can be lost and won in any of the world’s major poker tournaments, while millions more are at stake in the most expensive and exclusive poker […]

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