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News on Deals

Do you ever wonder what types of people go on Singles Holidays?


When thinking about going on a holiday alone, many people are unsure as to what kinds of people go on holidays for singles and often ask, “will I have a good time?” and “will there be other people there with similar interests to me?” The answer is, there is no specific type of person that goes on holidays for singles. Individuals may want to make new friends, experience a holiday on their own or just want to do something different. Whatever your reason, holidays for singles are relaxing, enjoyable and offer a host of activities sure to keep you happy.

Singles Holidays UK
Singles Holidays UK

Our holidays are full of different people, different interests and different reasons for picking holidays for singles! Thanks to our range of different trips, we are able to provide the perfect trip away for you. Whether it’s painting, Pilates or cooking that you are interested in, there’s a holiday with likeminded people available for you to enjoy.

We strive to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere on each and every one of our holidays, so it won’t be long before you feel like you are surrounded by old friends enjoying all that Italy has to offer. At Flavours we make it our priority to offer holidays for singles that appeal to each and every person who is considering a trip away. Our wide range of activities are popular with a whole host of single travellers.

Singles holidays
Singles holidays

Our groups are made up of around eight people, many of whom are single travellers.  Whether you are used to travelling alone or are wanting to try something new you are sure to have an enjoyable time on a Flavours holiday. For more information on booking a holiday your Flavours Italy holiday, contact us today!

Author bio: Flavours of Italy, is a specialist tour operator offering activity vacations and holidays for singles since 1998.

Top 10 Famous Business Cards


Business cards are an intrinsic part of self-advertisement. They function as a quick snapshot of what you and your business can offer potential clients and business partners, so presentation and style is everything. Listed below are ten famous business cards that really grab your attention for all the right reasons.

In at number one is the great and mysterious Houdini, whom allows his enigmatic persona do the talking. His business card is subtle yet effective, playing on his public image as a ‘man from beyond’.

Next up is Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. Although his card doesn’t utilise unusual shapes, such as Houdini’s, the simple ‘I’m CEO, Bitch’ makes the point clear and precise. It reflects his impact on the world of social networking.

Zuckerberg business card
Zuckerberg business card

Andy Warhol’s card perfectly sums up what the artist is about – it plays with both colour and handwritten font to show his creativity. His business card lets the pastel tones and overall design do all the talking.

Another wonderful example is Walt Disney‘s business card; utilising what he did best, the cartoonist put his work on the card for everyone to see. A perfect way to demonstrate your talent to clients.

Similar to Zuckerberg, Steve Martin goes for comedy to win over whomever sees his business card. Using a witty short commentary, he immediately showcases his comedic talents.

In keeping with big personalities, Lady Gaga keeps it straight to the point with her business card. She simply has her name, creative director position, and then contact details, however, it’s the former two examples that stand out due to their bold print.

Famous Business Cards
Famous Business Cards

In stark contrast to Warhol, artist, Edward Ruscha, keeps it minimal. It only has three lines of printed words; plain, subtle, but extremely effective. It grabs your attention, and makes you want to know more.

Larry Page, CEO of Google, lets the famous brand logo do the talking instead of his name; the colourful motif sits centre stage, immediately drawing your gaze.

Also keeping us interested, though not due to over flashy designs, is Albert Einstein‘s business card. The simplicity of his card speaks volumes, it doesn’t overstate his intelligence.

Lastly, Chuck Jones demonstrates his impeccable skills (in a similar method to Walt Disney), and includes a piece of his own work on his business. The road runner is undoubtedly one of his most infamous characters.

Although all the mentioned business cards belong to famous people, they serve as a great means of inspiration to spice up and rejuvenate your own business cards, visit instantprint for more great ideas.

How to make a cool sales presentation


According to surveys, 80% of sales presentations are usually boring with banal content for the client, making over 70% of the deals not to be made. While each vendor has its tactical, it is also true that there are infallible rules every professional must consider. In this regard, Carlos Sedano, coordinator of the Bachelor of Marketing gives you a cool tip of succeeding in your presentation with the assistance of

Sales Presentation
Sales Presentation

1. Be brief and use no more than ten slides

Keep in mind that a good presentation takes no more than 20 minutes. In most cases, the client has very little time to spend and if in that fraction of time you do not meet his expectations then you are going to lose him. The presentations must be composed of no more than ten slides or flashcards which must contain:

Presentation. Company name, logo, contact information and charge-name presenter.

Customer issue. Particularize the problem according to the client’s needs.

Solution. Here is where the bulk of the presentation is. State how and why the product and service will help you solve the client’s problem.

Model Sales. This slide/ card should explain what is sold and what is the added value that other products do not have.

Technical. Explain all the details about the product.

Demonstration. If the actual product can be shown live it’s better. Another option is presenting a video.

Competitive Analysis. Analyze the competition with other sellers; avoid speaking ill of them or make erroneous comments. Compare what they offer with what you are offering.

Components of the company. Discuss the profile of the team and how the company is made.

Mention the points which are to follow in case of closing the deal. Mention offers, deadlines, delivery process, response time, customer service, etc..

Thanks. Close with a phrase or slogan of the company. Building trust and bonding is crucial. Place the company name, the phrase, networks and contacts page.

Seal the deal
Seal the deal

2. Focus on the benefits

This is the secret to close a sale. Potential clients are tired of you talking about the wonders of the products or services you offer. They want to find solutions to their problems. “It’s important to stop focusing so much on the characteristics and shit the weight to the benefits our products offer” says the specialist.

3. The importance of a good start

Do not start talking about the product or the price needs, break the ice with an anecdote and by being pleasant. It will not only help to make it more personal, but it will change the course of the presentation.

4. Demonstration and testimonials

It is important to present live all the benefits of the product as this will strengthen any relationship with the client. For example: submit videos about the experience of other clients, testimonial letters or a list of the most important clients. Doing so your presentation will be reinforced and will have increased credibility.

5. Using Technology

The best advice is to equip high-tech for the customer to feel captivated and protected. However, it is also good to make sure that the place where the presentation will take place has all the tools necessary to work with.

By Nikos Kontorigas

Coolest online game sites overtaking the world


Lately games have taken various forms and facets to provide us with fun and entertainment, either from our phones, consoles and the same Internet where can be found considerably abound number of them, but why have online casinos become so popular? These services have taken the net, and people have found many fun times on these platforms. In fact, some say it’s more interesting to play online casino than in a classroom. One of coolest of these sites is the fun casino 888poker and you can’t help but wonder about such services. What makes them different and perhaps more fun than the face casino?

Online games
Online games

Well, we must recognize that its online operation generates a number of advantages for users. All you need is a computer within reach, in some cases just as important as a mobile device, a comfortable chair and Internet connection. The next step is to open a personal account from which you can play, make deposits and receive profits. Once you’re a member you’ll notice that there is no waiting time for betting, you play when you want, there is no schedule or limiting.

Striking one of the options offered to beginners (adults), which allows you to play without investing money while skill is acquired in the management thereof and the online platform. What’s more, this site offers new players a welcome bonus to try their luck and have a little motivation in their pockets. This is the fun part. Players will feel the excitement and adrenaline you feel in a real casino when there is real money involved. The game is always a personal decision motivated by several factors. But here I discussed the fact that these games are taking a huge expansion that grows like a snowball. What do you think?

The coolest and most expensive poker sets ever made


Thousands of precious gems? Check! Made of iron from space? Check!

Poker is a game of high stakes. Hundreds of thousands and even millions can be lost and won in any of the world’s major poker tournaments, while millions more are at stake in the most expensive and exclusive poker games ever played. Of course, poker’s allure can largely be traced to its high-stakes nature. As such, some designers have made it their mission to build some of the most expensive poker sets ever manufactured. game

So far, the most expensive poker set ever made is London-based designer Geoffrey Parker’s bespoke poker set, which according to is valued at £4.4 million ($7.5 million). It’s definitely not something for the typical home game. As the designer himself states, it was built specifically for the “super rich” who want to dazzle their guests.

One of the major reasons for the exorbitant price of this bespoke set is the number of precious stones embedded in the chips and the case. The set features an estimated 22,364 stones totaling about 1,012 carats. The chips each have color-coded stones set on their edges – sapphires for the blue, ruby for the red, emeralds for the green, and black and white diamonds for the black and white chips, respectively. The dealer button features two rows of diamonds on the edges. As for the case itself, it has an 18k gold and diamond frame.

Let’s try and put all of this into perspective. A deck of cards is usually priced at $10 or so. Even the custom designed ones that can be found on Kickstarter can be bought for around $30 and below. Online gaming giant bwin’s PartyPoker-branded poker set – as in the complete set for up to eight players with a total of 500 chips inside an aluminum case – can be yours for £50 or $84. You can sell one of the 384 18k white gold chips included in the Geoffrey Parker set, buy a bwin poker set, and still have plenty of change left over.

Coming in at a far second is bespoke jewelry maker Stahl’s Meteorite Set, a one-off poker set featuring inlays made from an iron meteorite that crashed into Northen Sweden millennia ago. Along with 120 calibrated slices of the iron meteorite found mostly in the chips and the dealer button, the set also features diamonds, rubies, sapphires and gold. The set comes in a hand stitched Swedish calf skin case with Swedish reindeer suede lining and 18K white gold hinges and locks. Oh, and the accompanying dice are apparently made from Swedish woolly mammoth bones. The Meteorite Set is far and away less expensive compared to the one by Geoffrey Parker, but its $150,000 price tag still makes it one of the most expensive poker sets ever made.