10 Cool Things to Do in Sydney


Sydney is not the capital of Australia, but one of its most important cities. If you are organizing a trip to Australia you can not miss this post where we recommend the best places to visit in Sydney and what to do in the city. These are our recommendations, based on our experience living in Sydney. Not all the places we mention are touristic places, but they are for us the best places to see in Sydney.

Opera House

It is the symbol of Sydney, the most emblematic place in the city, so take the opportunity to photograph it from all angles. Book an entrance to go to the opera or visit the interior of the auditorium. Go to the Opera Bar for a beer, the views are spectacular, especially at night.

Royal Botanic Garden

Take a walk through the gardens and enjoy the views of the bridge and the opera. If you have time, we also recommend that you have a picnic, it is a very good plan.

Bondi – Coogee Coastal Walk

If you visit Sydney you are bound to visit its most famous beach, Bondi Beach. We also recommend you to go from Bondi to Coogee Beach and enjoy the spectacular coastal views. Finish in Coogee and go up to the Coogee Pavilion bar terrace to have a drink after the walk.


Take a Ferry from Circular Quay to Manly to see the famous Sydney Bay. Once in Manly, walk along the boardwalk to Shelly Beach.


Stroll through the streets of the most alternative and livelier neighborhood in the city and go for a beer at any of its typical pubs or hidden rooftops. It’s also nice to know that some of the best criminal lawyers in Parramatta are also some of the best in the world.

Panoramic view in O Bar and Dining

It is a revolving restaurant that is located in the center of the city (CBD), opens at 5 pm and offers spectacular views to watch the sunset.

Northern Beaches

You can not leave Sydney without going up to the Palm Beach lighthouse and enjoying the views of Sydney’s most stylish beach.

The Rocks

It is worth getting closer on Saturday morning to see the market and walk through its streets, it is one of the oldest areas of the city. It also has many bars and restaurants for dinner.

Harbor Bridge / Luna Park

Walk across the bridge to enjoy the views and visit the famous and old Luna Park amusement park.


Go to Maroubra, Bondi or Manly, rent a surfboard and try to surf at least one hour. You can not leave Australia without saying that you have climbed a surfing board.

Best Time to Travel to Miami


The city of Miami has a fairly mild climate: many days with sunshine and a generally warm climate. The city is located by the Atlantic Ocean, and the sea water provides high levels of humidity. Even in summer, the sea breeze can be refreshing. In summer, between June and September, temperatures range from 25 to 30 degrees with few variations, it is a very constant temperature. In winter, the environment and the climate in general continues to be quite mild, with average temperatures between 13 and 25 degrees. It is important to know that Miami has a rainy season that runs from May to October and a dry season that runs from November to March. The coldest month of the year is January and the hottest month is July.

What’s the best time to travel to Miami?

It’s hard to tell when it’s the best time of year to travel to Miami. The “when” depends on the activities you want to do there and we know that not everyone travels for the same reasons. However, taking into consideration the climatology and peaks of tourist seasons, the best time of year to travel to Miami is February to May. At the end of February the temperatures begin to increase, although they remain relatively smooth. Also, during spring, the rains are less frequent and will prevent the hurricane season.

If what you want to do during your vacation is to enjoy the beach to the fullest and have lovely summer holidays to Florida, it is advisable to plan your trip in May or June. If you do it during July or August, be prepared to live on embarrassing days (and maybe some day with rain). The best way to beat the heat will be bathing frequently, either in the ocean or in the hotel pool.

If your main goal is to visit the Walt Disney World theme park in Orlando, it would be best to do it at the beginning of the year (January and February). During the first two months of the year the weather is quite good for outdoor activities and the influx of tourists is lower. As it is low season, you will find lower prices and better deals on accommodation.

Traveling to Miami on Christmas is a fantastic choice, the weather is pretty good during the winter and you will find lots of shops, outlets and shopping malls where to do the holiday shopping. In addition, Black Friday represents the bullet of the entire shopping season and it is possible to get real bargains and discounts during that day. Black Friday takes place every year on the last Friday of November and only lasts 24 hours.

Now that you know the best time of year to travel to Miami according to the destination for the trip, you’re ready to plan your trip. If you already have the date for your trip, you can know in advance the temperature and the weather that you will find in Miami. It is ideal to decide what type of clothes to carry in your luggage.

10 Things Not To Miss When Visiting Croatia


For many people who are planning their holidays, Croatia is one country that is often ignored. A lot may not have been said about this destination, but it is a treasure waiting to be uncovered, a diamond in the rough. Keep on reading and we’ll tell you more about the different things that will make a Croatian holiday a part of your bucket list.

Spend a Day at the Beach


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Croatia is never complete without mentioning its world-class beaches, including Dalmatia and Makarska Riviera. Hidden coves and pristine waters are just some of the surprises waiting to be uncovered. Many of these beaches are unspoilt and free from a dense crowd.

Walk along the Walls of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, a walled city, is one of the most stunning attractions in Croatia. It is lined with marble streets and baroque buildings. Having a stroll around town is like having a walk back in time. Do it early in the morning or late in the afternoon as these are the times wherein it is less crowded.

Try Sailing

Looking for something that is adventure-filled? Go sailing while you are in Croatia. There are several sailing routes that are available depending on what you prefer. The best thing is that many of the sailing tours can be enjoyed without having to spend a fortune.

Tour Wineries

If you love wine, you will have another good reason to fall in love with Croatia. Since the time the country has been occupied by Greek colonists, until the present, wine is a big part of their culture. Make sure to visit luxurious cellars and exquisite tasting rooms during your trip.

Go Island Hopping

If staying in one beach is not enough for you, it would also be good to hop from one island to another. Gifted with more than 1,000 islands, the options will surely be endless. Some of the places that should not be missed include Hvar, Korcula, and Krk.

Go on a Food Trip

Food will surely be a big part of your Croatian holiday. Some of the traditional dishes you should sample include chard, black squid risotto, homemade pasta, spicy pork sausages, spicy stew made with river fish, and smoked ham.

Be Active

For those who enjoy physical activities, there is a lot to love about Croatia. There are spectacular coastal hiking destinations, such as Lopud Island. You can also try kayaking, kite surfing, diving and white water rafting.

Uncover History

Vacationing in Croatia can also be informative. There are six UNESCO World Heritage Sites that will surely be worth seeing. There are also tons of museums that you can explore, as well as historic towns and fortresses.


See the Plitvice Lakes


Taking a boat tour of the Plitvice Lakes is another activity that will definitely be worth your time. Visit the sixteen electric blue lakes, which are interconnected with waterfalls. This is sure to be a relaxing activity and will be the perfect opportunity to commune with nature.


Have a One-of-a-Kind Cinematic Experience in Pula


The amphitheatre of Pula is one of the most beautiful in the country, making it a popular tourist attraction. It is not enough that you see it. The best way to experience it is to watch a concert or cinema screening, among other events.

Do you ever wonder what types of people go on Singles Holidays?


When thinking about going on a holiday alone, many people are unsure as to what kinds of people go on holidays for singles and often ask, “will I have a good time?” and “will there be other people there with similar interests to me?” The answer is, there is no specific type of person that goes on holidays for singles. Individuals may want to make new friends, experience a holiday on their own or just want to do something different. Whatever your reason, holidays for singles are relaxing, enjoyable and offer a host of activities sure to keep you happy.

Singles Holidays UK
Singles Holidays UK

Our holidays are full of different people, different interests and different reasons for picking holidays for singles! Thanks to our range of different trips, we are able to provide the perfect trip away for you. Whether it’s painting, Pilates or cooking that you are interested in, there’s a holiday with likeminded people available for you to enjoy.

We strive to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere on each and every one of our holidays, so it won’t be long before you feel like you are surrounded by old friends enjoying all that Italy has to offer. At Flavours we make it our priority to offer holidays for singles that appeal to each and every person who is considering a trip away. Our wide range of activities are popular with a whole host of single travellers.

Singles holidays
Singles holidays

Our groups are made up of around eight people, many of whom are single travellers.  Whether you are used to travelling alone or are wanting to try something new you are sure to have an enjoyable time on a Flavours holiday. For more information on booking a holiday your Flavours Italy holiday, contact us today!

Author bio: Flavours of Italy, is a specialist tour operator offering activity vacations and holidays for singles since 1998.

Tips to beat your fear of flying


What’s your favorite means of transport for your holidays? The answers vary, and among them, you will definitely come across someone who says that he’s afraid of flying with an aeroplane for many reasons. Traveling around the world is one the best experiences you can live and, to reach some places, you will have to fly there. Here are some tips to help you overcome your fear of flying:

1. Read air accident statistics

Some experts say that people who are afraid to fly would have to analyze aviation accident statistics to ensure that flying is the safest form of transport. This will help them control the anxiety, insecurity and fear that stems from misinformation.

Relax, it is as safe as it gets
Relax, it is as safe as it gets

2. Picture the flight in your head a few days before the flight

A few days before embarking on your trip, you should imagine that you leave your house to the airport. Imagine the situation until the plane takes off. Moreover, start packing in advance so that you will get in the mood of traveling.

Think of the positive aspects of traveling above the clouds
Think of the positive aspects of traveling above the clouds

3. Be at the airport in time

You have to avoid creating more stress, therefore, arrive at the airport in advance and discard that fear of losing the plane.

4. Search for different distractions

Music, according to some experts, the best distraction because it generates positive emotions and skips the negative ones. You should go for something relaxing, mainly for takeoff and landing. Other forms of distraction are striking up a conversation with the neighboring seat, sleeping, reading a good book or watching a movie or an episode of your favorite series.

Watching a movie is a great option
Watching a movie is a great option

5.  Discard all your negative thoughts

You must think only of the positive aspects of air travel, such as its speed. It is clear that air accidents occur but with the thousands of flights that take place daily, are very few- next to none- problems. Whenever you have negative thoughts, focus on these data.

6. Avoid choosing a seat

You should avoid to take a window seat, because people who are afraid of flying normally tend to look out the window to make sure that the aircraft engine or the wings are in good working condition. This, according to psychologists, increases your anxiety because it is something you can’t control.

It's better to find out about your seat when you get your tickets
It’s better to find out about your seat when you get your tickets

7. Breathe deeply during any turbulences

If the plane shakes at some points, you must remain calm as the pilots and the air hostesses are trained to deal all kinds of emergencies. In any case, you can sit between the wings of the plane as it is the most stable place of the plane, and buckle up for the entire flight.

8. Wear comfortable clothes during the flight

When preparing the suitcase, leave some comfortable clothes for the day of the flight and purchase a comfortable flight-pillow so you can keep your body relaxed during the trip.

9. Accept the problem

Don’t be embarrassed to consider the option of asking for help from a professional.

For more check: How to entertain your children during a long road trip, Tips on saving money on traveling in Europe

By +Nikos Kontorigas

New Zealand | The Land of the Rings


For those who love the works of J.R.R. Tolkien and the Peter Jackson films they inspired, a visit to New Zealand can be the trip of a lifetime. It’s a chance to visit numerous locations seen in the films, enjoy spectacular scenery and feel the thrill of walking where the hobbits, Gandalf and their allies trod, so around 270,000 fans travel there every year. makes it easy to arrange travel, so why not make it your next vacation? Here are some of the places that await you.


Found among the gentle hills of Alexander Farm, in the Matamata area (two hours by road from Auckland), the Hobbiton film set is private property, but you can visit it as part of a tour. Almost every detail seen in the films is still visible here, including the houses, the Green Dragon (recently opened as a real pub and restaurant) and the tree beneath which Bilbo vanished at his birthday party. You can’t go inside the hobbit holes but there’s still plenty to see and a lot to learn about how the set was built and the films made. Matamata’s tourist information center provides further resources.


The hobbits’ hiding place

Perhaps the easiest of all Middle Earth locations to visit is right beside Wellington. There, in the parkland that runs along the edge of Mount Victoria, you can find the giant tree beneath whose roots the hobbits took shelter when the Black Riders were looking for them. There’s full public access to this site, so you can take your turn hiding there and imagine the sound of horses stamping in the dirt nearby.


The forbidding hill of Weathertop, where Frodo was stabbed by one of the Black Riders, is situated near Port Waikato. Although it’s on private farmland, so you can’t climb it, it makes for an impressive view even without the ruined fort present in the film, and the surrounding countryside is highly evocative of the hobbits’ early journey in company with Aragorn.


Deep in Kaitoke Regional Park you can visit the area where the Rivendell scenes were filmed. No buildings remain here, but it has the same tranquil atmosphere and makes a great picnic spot. There are signs to help visitors find it, and you can go swimming nearby.

Fangorn Forest

The more sinister woodland of Fangorn Forest can be found on either side of Takaro Road, near Te Anau (about two hours south west of Queenstown). There are no special facilities here, but when you walk through the trees you’ll find yourself instinctively on the lookout for orcs.


Another woodland location, the elf domain of Lothlorien can be found near Featherston, an hour to the east of Wellington. They’re part of the private gardens of Fernside Lodge, but visitors are welcome, and it’s possible to stay at the lodge itself. Here you can see the white bridge and the river where Galadriel rode in her swan boat.


Guided tours can take you into the Mount Potts wilderness where the set for Edoras, capital of Rohan, was built. Across the golden plains you can see the Misty Mountains (the Southern Alps), and you can try your hand at wielding replicas of some of the props used in the film – Gandalf’s staff, Aragorn’s sword or Gimli’s axe. If you want to spend some time in this beautiful region, you can find places to stay in nearby Mount Potts Station.

The Dimholt path

The dreaded path into the mountain that Aragorn walked to summon the dead to his aid can be found among the Putangirua Pinnacles near Wellington. There’s not much else to see here, but the scenery is truly spectacular and quite scary to visit at dawn or dusk.


Tongariro National Park was used to create the grim landscapes of Mordor, with Mount Ngauruhoe playing the part of Mount Doom. Ngauruhoe has been erupting intermittently over the past few years, so although you may not be allowed to go up close, with a bit of luck you’ll get a spectacular display. When it’s dormant, it’s possible to climb it, but the thick ash underfoot makes this hard going. Not far away, by the mouth of Whakapapa Gorge, you can see the area where Frodo and Sam were lost when they first entered Mordor, and the field of battle where Isildur cut off Sauron’s hand. On the other side of the mountain, near Ohakune, you can see one of Gollum’s fishing pools.

The easiest way to see all these fantastic locations is to join a tour, some of which last as long as two weeks, crisscrossing the North and South Islands. It’s also possible to do it independently, by car, so you can take as long as you want to explore most of the sites. Whatever approach you take, you’ll find it an inspiring journey, the next best thing to visiting Middle Earth itself.

Things to do in Berlin on a Small Budget Infographic


Ever wanted to fly to Berlin and enjoy as lovely holiday on a tight budget? Look no further. This infographic brought to you by HouseTrip will inform you about all you need to know and show it’s all possible even on a limited budget.

HouseTrip Infographic Berlin
HouseTrip Infographic Berlin

Comparing London to Amsterdam – The Definitive Infographic


Please visit the infographic below and leave your comments for living in London or Amsterdam, two great cities with traditions in history and arts. Amsterdam is a cozy town is very central with big contrasts. This cool city keeps an old feature of life tolerance. The town is filled with Restaurants, Clubs, Cinemas, Theaters, Galleries and Museums. Do not miss the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, the Rembrandt House.

Lots of canal houses beautiful Canal Ring. Amsterdam is not crowded and it has a good public transport system but the best way is to go by bike. The charm of this town is felt on the air in Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein. People are open minded very straightforward and speak English very well , lots of expats.

London is the cultural capital of Britain exciting city with many tourist attractions such as: Buckingham Palace, Houses of Parliament, London Eye renowned across the globe. The famous attractions free to visit, for example the National Gallery, Tate Modern, British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum. London is diverse but very well connected and offers amazing views like The Royal Parks or Hampstead Heath in the North. The river Thames runs through the heart of London to Greenwich so you can take great river tours and enjoy the views but do not forget the Regent’s Canal and Little Venice.

Should you wish to take a culinary journey stop at Michelin-starred restaurants where are many celebrity chefs and plenty of food options. Not a bike friendly as Amsterdam is and overcrowded public transport. So get ready to explore and experience the best cities in the world.

London vs Amsterdam
London vs Amsterdam

Source: Amsterdam vs London

How to Stay Committed to Your Health While Traveling


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Many people think of traveling as the only real cure which can make everything right, and if you’re one of them, too – welcome to the club! However, a lot of them actually tend to relax too much, which often includes indulging in tons of unhealthy (yet so delicious!) food, alcoholic drinks, and being completely lazy. No matter how attractive this may sound, the fact is that staying healthy while on the road requires a lot of effort and discipline. If you want to learn how to make that happen, just keep on reading – here are three amazing tips, so check them out and accomplish that like a true pro!

Make sure you eat as healthy as you can

Yes, we know that exploring exotic destinations usually means exploring that particular country’s cuisine as well, and we often get lost in all those delicious desserts and signature dishes that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. No matter how attractive that may sound, the truth is that you shouldn’t indulge in such foods if you want to stay healthy while on the road. Eating a lot of fresh fruits and veggies should be your top priority, and you can get them either at the local market or in a grocery store near your hotel/hostel. You can also prepare your own simple meals if there’s a kitchen available. Of course, tasty foods that aren’t particularly healthy are pretty much unavoidable – just be sure you eat healthy before and after such a meal, and you’ll minimize the overall damage!

Don’t forget to stay hydrated

Apart from eating properly, you should also give your best to stay hydrated while traveling, especially if there’s a long flight included. Proper hydration gets even more important if you’re about to take a summer trip since exposure to the sun and sweating a lot can contribute to severe dehydration if you don’t drink enough water. Carrying a reusable bottle with you is always a good idea, and you can always upgrade your water-drinking habit by incorporating marine collagen into your everyday routine. It can rejuvenate your skin by reducing wrinkles and fine lines and strengthening your hair, nails, and bones while keeping you hydrated at the same time. Besides that, you should take it easy on drinking alcohol, too. Alcoholic drinks are full of sugar and empty calories and they can result in weight gain, disrupted sleep, and puffiness under the eyes, so be sure you stay away from them as much as possible.

Embrace the art of travel yoga

Staying healthy while traveling isn’t just about eating the right foods and staying hydrated while on the road – it’s also about being physically active, which can be a particularly tricky and challenging part of your trip. Of course, you simply can’t expect to have your regular intense workouts in your favorite gym, but there are definitely ways to stay fit while far from home.

Yoga is one of the most beneficial activities out there, and it’s the best when it comes to keeping your body, mind, and spirit in balance. It can improve the quality of your sleep and deal with journey-related circulation problems, which often occur during long flights. Yoga is also known for improving your posture, relieving anxiety, and lowering your blood pressure, which is exactly why you shouldn’t skip it. If you’re a passionate yoga enthusiast, you’ll be thrilled to hear that a lot of airports all over the globe have come up with yoga studios where you can relax to the max and practice your favorite poses while waiting for your flight. Besides that, a large number of hostels also offer yoga classes as a part of your traveling experience, so be sure you give them a try and you’ll see why everyone loves them.

As you can see, there are many ways to stay fit and healthy while traveling, so stop making excuses and embrace these habits which will inevitably bring you great results. Once you start eating the right foods, drink enough water, cut back on alcohol intake, and start practicing yoga, you’ll see that your effort was completely worth it!