Cool Jobs That Pay Even Cooler


According to Time Magazine, Mathematician tops the list of the most coveted jobs, simply because job opportunities are plenty and varied. A mathematician can work as a broker on Wall Street, provide financial advice and teach at a university. Suffice to say that mathematicians have a role in every sector in the economy, making them highly in demand.

But you have to admit that Math isn’t exactly fun to learn and most people don’t find fun in numbers. Do you happen to be one of them? Don’t worry; you can still escape unemployment by trying your hand at some of the coolest jobs that pay really well. 

Video Game Developer

Game Over

If you spend your days and nights trying to beat everyone at MMORPG, you should become a professional video game player and earn a whopping annual salary of $50K. But you can make more than that if you develop your own game. Sure, the money will come only when the game becomes a hit. With years of playing, however, there’s no doubt you know exactly what game to make to rouse a gamer’s interest.

Body Part Model


Nobody’s perfect. Even the most gorgeous celebrities have flaws. If you have more beautiful hair or legs than them, then you have a higher chance of becoming a model for a shampoo or body lotion commercial. Body part models are said to earn a thousand dollars for just an afternoon shoot.

Ice Cream Taster

This is the best job ever! Can you imagine being hired just to eat ice cream? The pay would just be a bonus, which happens to be not too shabby. In this line of work, however, you have to accept the bad with the good. What if the new ice cream flavor tastes super awful?

Other well-paying cool jobs include a race car driving instructor, furniture tester, chocolatier, winemaker and an entertainer on a cruise. Interested to apply?


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