Dito Von Tease and Ditology Project: portraits at your fingertips


Dito Von Tease is an artist of the fingers: his project Ditology in fact, which was born in 2009, Finger transforms simple finger tips into real works of art.

Ditology Project
Ditology Project

No one escapes his – brilliant – creative mind : ‘ true ‘ portraits of the characters ( as Magritte or the Mona Lisa ) , historical figures ( Garibaldi, Che Guevara ) , through political figures of all persuasions Italian and international ( Nichi Vendola, Berlusconi Obama) , toys ( Barbie ) , musicians ( Gene Simmons of Kiss, but also Mozart) , ‘ technological ‘ (Steve Jobs , Mark Zuckerberg ) to the vagaries of any kind ( the inflatable doll – finger) .

Finger hides behind a young art director, illustrator and graphic Italian designer in Bologna, that during all these years has garnered unanimous praise around the world:

“I decided to create my Facebook account I wanted it to be a virtual space free from relatives, colleagues and – not – real friends. That’s why I decided to create an Italian avatar. In someone could say that I have wanted to ‘ hide behind a finger ‘ is a metaphor for a place to hide is not very effective. My desire to hide from real life made ​​me reflect on the identity of the people and on my own. So I used the image of a finger, to suggest that we all try to hide behind an image created by us. This is my finger: the representation of the different masks that all wear to ‘ act ‘ in life, perhaps to preserve the fragile uniqueness of our individual fingerprint”

If you would like to also try your hand in the creation of a custom ‘ finger ‘, there is also an app for that purpose.