How to entertain your children during a long road trip


When going on holidays, one of the best parts of it is when traveling to get there. However, in case one needs to take a long car trip with the kids, the biggest problem is to get them to sit for a long time and not to whine about it. So, to avoid this, it is important to organize a few games to amuse and entertain them. Let’s see 5 ways to entertain your children while traveling.

You want to avoid that, don't you?
You want to avoid that, don’t you?

The various types of entertainment that you can do during a long trip with your kids must be divided into age groups of children themselves. For a school-age child, you can see the places you are going to visit before you embark on your trip, then memorize the names of the various cities that you are going to cross and the names of rivers, seas or mountains. This is a diversion that its purpose both is to entertain and to review what they may have learned in school. To enlarge the game you can even combine a historical event or a famous person with each place. You can also buy travel size board games, as such materials may be useful in entertainment or get them portable consoles, so that they can listen to music or spend their time playing video games.

Time passes faster when you are occupied with something
Time passes faster when you are occupied with something

For the younger ones, it is quite different becauce, since you can’t have historical or geographical notions, you have to resort to small tricks, such as their favourite toy, a small book of fables or better yet a box of washable crayons to draw the landscape outside without fear that the upholstery of the car can be ruined. Of course, you should not forget to have a nice stack of papers on which to draw. Always with the younger children, you can play the game of fantasy or invent stories that have as protagonists the various subjects that are encountered during the trip.

Make your plans for the trip and everyone will be happy
Make your plans for the trip and everyone will be happy

There is even resort of comic books with adventures of their favorite characters, so remember before you travel to make a certain stock in order to always have a spare. The last thing you can do is be the one who tells them stories or fairytales. In this case it is very important to be able to tell in an engaging and entertaining at the same time. You can try and go on telling stories about some of your long trips. Children are curious by nature and love listening to stories and events that concern their parents, especially from when they were children too.

By +Nikos Kontorigas