How To Get Your Business Noticed


The reasons for visiting trade shows are just as many as the incredible expo booths used to ply a particular trade. ExpoMarketing knows all about the many facets that draw crowds to a particular booth. They’ve been creating booths for so long that instinct sets in when it comes to delivering a showstopper through their exhibition booth displays.

Here Are 3 Ways In Which You Can Get Your Business Noticed At The Next Trade Show.

Get Inspired

Imagine that you have a travel business and blog, and want to get the most out of your trade show. What booth design will work best? Should you include games, audio, and visuals? A myriad of questions may run through your mind, but these industry experts have been doing this for a long time.

ExpoMarketing is well-equipped to effectively brand your marketing project by speaking with you to understand your booth and business requirements. From your side, the best way to get inspired is to distinguish your core business from your unrelated offerings, and then leverage that for best results.

Make Your Blog Stand Out

Take a step back from your blogging business niche to think about what exactly it is that attracts visitors to your online website. Is it the product, the service or the useful information that you provide, or a combination of these elements? Maybe it is the extra information that is indirectly related to your site, such as ‘how to’ titbits, that add value. Now, take that added value section and include it in your expo booth design to increase interest and attention.

So, if you’re focused on a travel site and provide ‘how to’ guides for keeping the kids occupied while on vacation, then develop fun videos to incorporate in your trade display. Extra value is always welcomed at a trade show, which will probably have others taking your ideas to use for themselves – better to be a leader than a follower though.

‘How-To’ Value

Create professional but affordable videos to add to your travel blog trade booth. In this way, visitors will be attracted to purchase the holidays you advertise and write about online, and they will walk away with a free gift. ExpoMarketing can include this aspect in your graphic design, audio and sound features to draw attention.

‘How-to’ video guides that keep the kids busy can include online games, purchased games, interactive quizzes to learn while on vacation, or offering rewards for the best idea to be used during quiet time. Being creative in the ‘how-to’ process gets to be a fun family brainstorming session before, during, and after the vacation – good for planning your next trip.

Use images of adults and kids in your giveaway videos that clearly show how fun your ideas are, and show stimulating ways for families to create their own. This will keep them engaged and encouraged to join in the spirit of coming up with new plans to stay occupied in between adventures, or on rainy days.

Passion is one important element in making a trade booth that draws attention. Be inspired to offer useful freebies online and at your exhibition. Make your trade booth interactive with games and give away fun family videos for a lasting impression. ExpoMarketing provides sound advice on just how to achieve your goals, and incorporate your ideas into appealing exhibition booth displays.


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