Smart Car Features We’re Looking to See in the Near Future


People dreamed of flying cars. Breakthroughs in car technology suggest that we’re about to see one soon. In a hangar in Prineville, Oregon, car engineer Sam Bousfield gave Smithsoian a glimpse of his flying car, which he expects to fly sometime this year. But whether or not, Bousfield’s flying car successfully takes off, and we’re sure to see all kinds of new and interesting vehicles in the near future.

Here are some of those of futuristic smartcar features that will definitely change the way we drive.

Anti-Collision System

Sometime in the future, collision will be a thing of the past as vehicles learn how to community among themselves. Technologies that are capable of warning drivers of an approaching vehicle or preventing a collision by automatically setting the brakes off are now available. As a matter of fact, German luxury vehicle manufacturer BMW has successfully created a car that automatically parks itself when it senses an impending crash. The BMW i3 which was featured in last year’s CES in Las Vegas is designed with an ActiveAssist technology that enables the car to brake automatically when it is about to hit a brick wall, another vehicles, or any object along its path.


Driver Monitoring System

Drowsy driving is as dangerous as drunk driving. Authorities have noted an increase in its occurrence. It can be prevented in the future with a driver monitoring technology. The system will track your driving habits, such as speed, grip on steering wheel and the like. When it senses that you are having hard time controlling your car, it will suggest that you pull over, get a nap or even go the nearest coffee shop.

Solar Power

solar powered cars

There’s no doubt that solar power is the most environmentally friendly ways to get around. But that would mean that the car’s exterior will be lined up with solar panels to ensure that it would catch the sun’s rays to the cost of aesthetic design. The good news though is that car makers are looking for ways to integrate solar panels in car design without sacrificing aesthetic.


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