To Buy an iPhone 6 or Not? That Is the Question


Should you buy an iPhone 6? News about its failure to pass the ‘bend test’ has probably put you off of it. But don’t give up on it right away. There are two sides of the story after all.

What causes it to bend?

The iPhone 6 is thin and made of aluminum metal. But don’t blame it all on the material used. After all, you can bend any metal when the right amount of pressure is applied. In the case of the iPhone 6, however, users claim that it bends even when placed in a jeans’ back pocket for a long time. It seems the device can’t withstand the wear and tear brought on when you sit down with the phone firmly pressed inside your pocket.


Then again, why carry around in your pocket one of the most expensive devices you can ever own? You’ll have more peace of mind if you put it in your handbag or somewhere safe and suitable.

Still, this doesn’t answer the problem of a bent phone, which leads us to another possibility.


What if it’s just some crazy ploy?

#Bendgate isn’t exactly good publicity for Apple, but a lot of competitors will surely benefit from it. This is why some people believe that bending issues with the iPhone 6 is some ammunition that owners of Android phones used to create the wrong buzz. No owner of an iPhone 6 would deliberately bend it just to test the credibility of such claims.


So should you or shouldn’t you buy an iPhone 6?

Make it an iPhone 6 Plus which design is less prone to bending. Because it’s both thinner and larger, it can better withstand the pressure of your buttocks. It would also help if you look at a phone’s features when you buy one, and not its rumored flaws. Unless the phone was intentionally made of a soft and easy-to-bend material, Apple won’t have to answer the case of the bent iPhone. It’s up to the owners to take care of it and not sit on it.


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