Alcohol consumption around the world

People love to drink alcohol worldwide because it relaxes and you feel playful, always within reasonable limits. Others choose beer, some wine, some whiskey, vodka… The other top consumers of alcohol are in Moldova, and there everyone is drinking 18 liters each time. As you can see on the map, the red part shows the biggest drinkers in the world and overall, it seems that Europe is fond of alcohol, contrary to North Africa and the Middle East.

Alcohol chart

Alcohol chart

Beer lovers are not the Germans, as surely you would imagine, since the primacy held by Czechs, leaving Germany in the second place, while Austria and Ireland are following suit. French and Italians almost share their love for wine, while Americans seem to prefer more and more wine, although previously been a fan of whiskey.

Alcohol chart

Alcohol chart

Despite pronouncements that whiskey is part of the American culture, Americans are not at the top of the list, but close enough. The top honors go to France, showing the preference on whiskey. Surprisingly the United Arab Emirates are among those who love whiskey, which is due to the increase of non Muslims and expatriates in the country.

Alcohol chart

Alcohol chart

As for vodka, Russia holds firmly the lead, and with difference from other countries, both per capita and as a whole. A shot is an integral part of everyday Russians.

By Nicole P.

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