Coolest Accessories for Your Motorcycle Trips


Going on a motorcycle trip can be a unique experience and it is more comfortable and safe if you use a series of accessories suitable for it.

With the arrival of good weather, a motorcycle trip is a unique experience for sightseeing, hiking and enjoying the road at the same time. To make motorcycle trips easier and more comfortable, it is advisable to have all kinds of accessories that facilitate travel and optimize space. With this, we refer to optional accessories that improve the quality of life of the trip, and not essential gear. If you’re in need to base equipment then you should definitely check motorcycle helmets for sale which will can even be life-saving. If you are thinking about making your first route or need to expand or change any of them here we recommend 7 accessories that will surely solve a multitude of problems when departing.

Magnetic bag GIVI EA106B

This backpack can be attached magnetically or with a series of tapes. Those people who want to go out with the bike and transport any type of equipment on top, can do so with a magnetic bag like the Givi EA106B. This adheres to the motorcycle tank and allows it a capacity of 6 liters to carry everything that is necessary. It also has a transparent top pocket to carry a mobile or tablet. The bag has removable magnets and straps to adhere to both metallic and non-metallic tanks. It also incorporates a waterproof case to protect it on rainy days.

Saddlebag GIVI EA100B

For long trips where you want to bring clothes, goods or transport any merchandise, the Givi EA100B travel bags are the equivalent of hand luggage. They allow carrying 5 kg per bag with 28-35 liters capacity. In total, 10 kg to carry everything you need to. They can be attached to the bike easily and safely. They also have a waterproof case so that the weather is not a problem. Who needs a suitcase?

Waterproof support for your phone

When going on a trip, using the smartphone as a GPS may be necessary to find the route to follow. In these cases, using a bracket to hold the phone is the appropriate option. Wrcibo’s support is waterproof, compatible with devices up to 6.2 inches in size and allows the touch screen to be used through the transparent layer. Thus, you can easily consult the path that must be carried out without risk of being lost. In addition, it has a small pocket where you can store other tools such as keys, cards or money.

Bluebeach Mask

This cloth mask is designed to protect the neck and face of the wind while riding a motorcycle either during a trip or driving on the track. Its ventilation system allows breathing to be easy and comfortable while keeping the face, nose, ears and neck of the wind, water or sun warm. It can be stretched to fit any person and you just have to place it under the helmet to feel comfortable on the road. If you’re looking for further protection from the cold or just style, these motorcycle jackets for women should also prove invaluable.

Protector of shoe

When driving the motorcycle using a shoe that you do not want to ruin you can use an anti-abrasion protector. This TopMoom model is an example of this. It protects the contact between the footwear and the pedal, preventing the wear of the upper area of ​​shoes, slippers or boots. It is very practical and comfortable to use and will ensure that wherever you go the shoes are in good condition even after intensive use. It is also compatible with different shoe sizes to suit any person.

Cofit waterproof and dust proof protective cover

Rain and dust are two of the elements that can dirt a motorcycle and cause its appearance to deteriorate. The solution to these cases is to use a protective cover that covers the entire motorcycle when you are not driving. This model of COFIT is designed for motorcycles of all sizes, especially the largest ones. It is a waterproof polyester sleeve that guarantees protection against water, sun, dust and rust, ensuring the motobike is always in good condition. It also has a safety ring to prevent it from being stolen. You just have to fold it and take it on the motorcycle to cover it.

All in all, these accessories will make your trips so much easier, but above all you should make sure to keep up with your motorcycles maintenance. This includes both internal and external condition. Discount motorcycle tires could be exactly what you were looking for before setting out on a journey.

Ultimate Guide to Comfortable Semi Truck Seats


Having a comfortable car seat is important not only to your health, but to your productivity as well. Semi truck drivers especially need comfortable truck seats as they usually spend long or extended periods of time on the road. Driving for so long can have an adverse effect on your back and posterior. Wetness and discomfort are the two things a car seat should not cause.

Although semi-trucks have higher level engineering and parts, the one area they fall short in is comfortable car seats. Here are ways you can alleviate some of those discomforts caused by semi truck seats

Indulge in an Air Seat Cushion

Air seat cushions are just what they sound like, seat cushions that you fill up with air. The cushions are more preferred by some truck drivers for their comfort. The products usually comes with a small pump, is water resistant and not slippery. Some of the available air seat cushions are made specifically for semi truck drivers and they come in wider sizes.

Get Cooling and Heating Seat Cushions

Everyone is aware of heating seat cushions but, most are unaware that there are products that also offer cooling functions. The cooling and heating seat cautions are perfect for any weather; in the winter or colder weather all you need to do is heat up your seat and you have a toasty warm butt; and in the summer or hotter climate, crank up the cooling function and you reduce sweating and slippery butt.

Purchase a Semi Truck Seat with Adjustable Positions

Truck drivers come in all shapes and sizes. A truck seat must have many adjustable positions in order to allow you pick the one that is most comfortable and suitable for you. Once you find the best position, your body will be more comfortable and stress will be relieved from your back.

Adjust your seat so that the clutch is not too far away that you have to stretch to reach it, the backrest is not set to allow you hunch over, and the steering wheel is at a position where your elbows are not straight, but bent.

Once you have comfort while driving, your productivity will be maximized and you will have more energy.  If you are looking for wide range of semi truck accessories, Iowa 80 can be your one stop solution online.


Dual and adjustable armrests are helpful in alleviating some of the strains on the neck and back muscles during driving. Resting your arms on the armrests will help reduce fatigue, increase body relaxation and reduce stiffness of the muscles.

Use a Small Pillow

A pillow is the age-old, handy alternative to anything else. If you do not have any other fancy truck seat cushions, you can always count on a small pillow to provide at least temporary support and comfort. A small pillow can serve to relieve some of the pain and discomfort from sitting in the driver’s seat for too long, and also it can act as a prop for shorter drivers who can’t properly see the road.

Getting comfortable seats for your semi truck is just as important as changing the wheels to better ones. Seat cushions will help you with comfort, posture and proper circulation. They are definitely worth the money you pay for them, your back and derriere will be in significantly less pain, you reduce the risk of deadened legs due to poor circulation, and the comfort is on a whole other level. Not only will your productivity and mood improve, but your body will also thank you profusely.


7 Cool Tips to Take Care of Your Tyres


To drive safely on the road, it is essential to properly maintain your car. One of the fundamental pieces of the vehicle are the tyres, but like any part, it is necessary to take care of them in the best way possible. Think of it as the tyres being the junction of the car to the road, and that this adhesion is basic for a safe circulation. If your tyre needs to be changed, then there are places like Kwik Fit where you can get your car serviced.

This will surely be noticeable in the vibration of your vehicle or in that it does not turn as it should.

How should you take care of your car’s tyres?

  • Measure the pressure frequently, especially before starting a long trip. The pressure should be as recommended by the manufacturer of the vehicle indicated in the maintenance manual of your vehicle, the driver’s door or the fuel tank lid. Remember that it is negative to inflate the wheels too much. When you do this check the pressure and do not forget to do it with cold tyres. You can check the pressure at a gas station, or at a specialist tyre shop.
  • Drive properly and with common sense. The worst thing you can do is to brake sharply, take curves at high speed or accelerate strongly. These three actions hurt tyres noticeably. So control yourself!
  • Make sure the wheels are aligned. If they are not, their performance diminishes and causes greater wear on them and a greater consumption of fuel. If they are aligned, you will get better driving, a longer tyre longevity and you will save gasoline.
  • If you are going to have your car stopped for a long time, it is advisable to move it at least every 15 days. In this way, the contact surface will vary and the tyres will not get used to one.
  • New tires always on the rear axle. The rear wheels are not connected to the steering wheel, which makes it difficult to control their grip. For greater safety, make sure that new or less worn tires go on the rear axle. This way you will achieve greater control in braking, a lower risk of losing control of the car and an efficient improvement of driving.
  • Look at the drawing of the wheels. You must pay special attention as the tyres have a wear indicator that helps us and indicates when we have to think about changing them. This indicator and wear indicator has a height of 1.6 mm, which is the legal minimum.
  • Look at the sidewalls of your tyres. These should not have damages, cuts or deformations that leave the canvases exposed. If you notice some of the above-mentioned damages you should go to a specialist to examine them and proceed to replace them if necessary.

You should only follow these tips to condition with adequate security and confidence on the road. Regularly check your tyres, change them whenever you get signs of wear and drive with a cool head so as not to ruin them more than necessary. Your pocket and your security will thank you!

What Is The Difference Between Women’s And Men’s Bikes?


The differences between women’s and men’s bikes are beyond cute and colorful designs. While some of these differences are very noticeable, others might not be easy to observe except for people who have been biking for long and have felt what it is to ride both women’s and men’s bikes.

If you’re a man with a bike that proportionately fits your bodily structure, you should be aware that such a bike might not be a perfect fit for a woman of the same size as you. The reason for this is that there bicycles for men are lot different from women bikes due to make-ups: while men are usually wider in the shoulders, women often have longer legs.

So, what are the differences between men’s and women’s bikes? Read on to find out these differences so that you can easily discriminate between a man’s bike and woman’s bike when there is a need to choose from a variety of mixed bikes.

Brakes, Handlebars, and Grips

The handlebars of men’s bikes are usually wider than those of bikes for women because men tend to have wider shoulders than women. Compared to those on women’s bikes, men’s handlebars are positioned a little lower. Also, the handlebars come with grips of different sizes. Typically, men have bigger hands and for convenience and the ease of control, their handlebars are designed with bigger grips. On the other hand, women’s handlebars are built with smaller grips suitable for women’s smaller hands.


Since men and women have different bodily make-ups and the latter tend to have bigger hips than the former, bike makers often build women’s bikes with wider saddles. Typically, a man’s bike will have a long and narrow saddle while a woman’s bike will have a wider and shorter saddle. If you aren’t riding for a lengthy period, you can manage a man’s saddle but if you’ll be riding for long, try to select the saddle with the suitable shape for your body. Meanwhile, bike makers build unisex saddles and they can be conveniently used by both women and men.

Common Difference

Women’s bikes are smaller in size while men’s bikes are bigger. Seemingly, this is the most notable difference between men’s and women’s bikes. The distance between the handlebar and the saddle of a woman’s bike is shorter compared to that of a man’s bike.

Length of Crank

The crank is one of the parts that differentiate a woman’s bike from a man’s bike. Typically, the crank of a bike should have a length that makes way for convenient pedaling as you keep up your cadence. Men’s bikes have longer cranks often measuring 170 millimeters while shorter cranks of 165 millimeters are commonly found in women’s bikes. The reason for this is to make it convenient for women to reach the base of their pedal stroke as their legs appear shorter (than men’s) when measured inch for inch. However, in the proportional bodily structure, women tend to have shorter torsos and longer legs than men.

Head and Seat Tube Angles

Since women’s legs often appear longer than men’s, bike manufacturers try to make adjustments for various parts of women’s bikes. Typically, the top tube of a woman’s bike is shorter and to make way for convenient pedaling, manufacturers give the head tube at the front of the bike longer angle and length. Without these adjustments, women may experience an increase in overlap of the front wheel and the toe while using the pedals. Also, these adjustments make way for stability by increasing the length of the wheelbase a little bit and shifting the front wheel of women’s bikes forward. Due to the shorter top tube, the seat tube of a woman’s bike has a steeper angle compared to that of a man’s bike.

Getting drivers onboard with fleet tracking


To really reap the rewards of fleet tracking technology, you must first make sure that every driver is on board with the initiative. Even though the benefits of telematics are well known amongst fleet professionals, and the fact that tracking devices will soon be commonplace in every vehicle, it’s still common for commercial drivers to have negative opinions about the technology; mostly due to worries about ‘big brother’.

Changing these misconceptions is one of the most important (and sometimes toughest) hurdles to overcome – but you must deal with them if you want to ensure a smooth implementation and fully explore all of the benefits that telematics has to offer.

Discuss the benefits and debunk the myths

The most common misconception amongst commercial drivers is that tracking devices are used to monitor their movements and behaviour. Though it’s true that the technology can do this, the truth is that monitoring every driver individually would be a highly inefficient use of a manager’s time and effort. Vehicle tracking technology aims to engage drivers, and the data it produces is mostly used on a corporate level – not to scrutinise individuals, but to gain insights about activity and performance that can be used to improve business profitability and driver safety. The data can be used to facilitate management decisions which, in turn, lead to reduced travel times, decreased wear and tear, lower insurance premiums and better customer experiences. Put your drivers’ minds at ease by replacing the negative myths with the real reasons for its implementation.

Highlight the safety improvements

If your drivers still seem hesitant, you can use facts and figures to stress the point. According to the Department for Transport, in the year ending September 2016 there were 180,000 road casualties and 1,800 deaths in the UK. With business drivers having a 30-40% higher incident rate than those of private drivers. For these reasons alone, commercial drivers are categorised as ‘high-risk’. Monitoring driving behaviour and rest times can help you improve their safety on the road. Whilst the data can identify patterns in poor driving habits, to ensure a positive reaction to the technology, this data should be used to create incentives and reward best practice, rather than shaming the worst performers. It shouldn’t be about placing the blame or pointing the finger, it’s about identifying a need for additional training, rewarding your best performers and ensuring your team get home safely at the end of every working day.

For behaviour change in the right moment, use an in-cab coaching device to give drivers instant visual and auditory feedback on harsh driving and encourage subconscious driving style adjustments.

Be open and honest about it

As with any new initiative, the most important thing is to be open and honest about its implementation and its purpose. Arm your drivers with all of the facts upfront. Provide product training, where required. Offer reassurance; it is not about keeping tabs on their every movement, it is about helping the business perform better and keeping them safe.

A Third of Brits Would be Happy to Commute Using an Adult Scooter


Introducing ‘StuntGran’

  • Brits are becoming more open to alternative commuting methods
  • A third of Brits would be happy to commute using an adult scooter
  • Money-saving and exercise aspects are encouraging people to make the switch
  • Complimentary video: Introducing ‘StuntGran’

Brits are becoming more open to alternative commuting methods; new research has revealed.

The research, which was conducted by action sport retailer SkateHut, found that a third of Brits would be happy to commute to work using an adult scooter.

The research follows a rise in sales of any scooter products including the word “commuter” for the brand, which were up 67% in the first half of 2018 compared to 2017 (Google Analytics). Search volume for “commuter scooters” has also doubled in 3 years (Google Keyword Planner), showing that the trend has been becoming more popular over time.

Statistics suggest that the average commute time in the UK is 54 minutes per day, so to find out Brits’ commuting behaviour, the public were surveyed on their preferred methods of getting to and from the office.

The most popular methods included:

  1. Car and motorcycle (50%)
  2. Walking (21.43%)
  3. Scooter (9.52%)
  4. Train/Tube (7.14%)
  5. Car Share (7.14%)
  6. Cycle (2.38%)
  7. Bus (2.38%)

Driving ourselves in by car was the top choice for commuters, likely due to its ease and speed. Walking came in second, and surprisingly commuting by scooter came in third, ahead of train, car shares, cycling and buses, which were further down the bottom of the list.

9.5% have explored scooters as an alternative mode of transport, and when questioned a third (34%) of Brits said they would genuinely consider commuting using an adult scooter.

When it came to people’s perceptions of adult scooter riders, however, opinions were split:

  • Positives
    • Fun; less dangerous than cycling; eco-friendly; great exercise; minimises traffic; cheaper
  • Negative
    • Embarrassing; childish; impractical; exerts lots of energy

The main positives revolved around money saving and exercise aspects. Considering that the average UK employee spends £146 a month commuting (totalling £135,871 over a lifetime), commuting by scooter is a much more appealing (free, after the initial cost of purchase) option. Previous research also found that adult scooting at a steady pace can burn around 300 kcals an hour, which is the equivalent of your morning skinny cappuccino.





To dispel some of the more negative perceptions, and specifically to show how scooters aren’t just for kids, the team at SkateHut created a striking video to introduce StuntGran: ‘not just your average nana’. The video shows StuntGran blazing around the skatepark on her scooter, performing gravity-defying tricks:


More information, including the video and some behind-the-scenes snaps, can be found here:



Top 5 Ways Truck Drivers Can Avoid Injury


Great caution is required to prevent accidents while driving trucks. While on the road, you may not be able to influence other drivers’ behavior but you’re expected to adhere to regulations, measures and precautions that will keep you on the safe side.

As a considerate truck driver, you wouldn’t like to harm others and neither would you want to be victimized by other drivers’ frivolities. One essential thing is to know the effective ways you can avert road dangers while another is to stick with safety regulations at all times. Regardless of the distance being covered, here are the top 5 ways truck drivers can avoid injury.

Favorable Sitting Posture

Truck driving is an activity that requires sitting for a considerably long period. Meanwhile, you can sustain injuries or discomforts like back ache and numb buttocks if you’re not assuming the appropriate sitting posture. Besides helping you to feel comfortable, sitting properly can prevent you from certain road mishaps. If you’re sitting in a manner that strains your neck while driving, this could mean you have to change your sitting posture. For the fact that you may be required to cover a lengthy distance, knowing and practising a favorable sitting posture will be of great benefit to you.

Knowing the Appropriate Speeds

Oftentimes, brake distance, driving speed and the distance to keep from other vehicles are determined by the weight you’re conveying. If you’re able to weigh what you’re transporting, chances are that you will maintain favourable speeds all through your trip. Instances of items falling off a truck usually occur when the truck driver is reckless or fails to maintain the appropriate speeds.

Giving Yourself Some Rest

Some truck drivers travel for more than 12 alternate hours –although this is prohibited as contained in federal regulations. If you’re on a lengthy trip you’re expected to complete within the time frame of 10-15 hours, it’s advisable that

you take a couple of breaks and give yourself enough rest. Each time you feel exhausted and think there is need to rest and restore vigor to your body, you can easily take advantage of stop-overs to do that. Not only will this reinvigorate you, it will also lessen the risk of accidents you can sustain as a result of tiredness and other defects on your part.

Knowing Your Lane Distance

One sure way to avoid road accidents, particularly those involving vehicle collisions, is to know the distance required before using the brake, kick-starting and pulling up the vehicle. If you’re always ignoring the favourable brake distance, your vehicle is likely to collide with others’. Of course, knowing the appropriate lane distance is a proven way to keep a safe distance between you and other drivers on your lane.

Overtaking Larger Vehicles on the Left

If you’re driving your truck near larger trucks or other vehicles such as tractor trailers, ensure you’re overtaking on the left. This is often considered one of the vital rules drivers are required to comply with in order to reduce the likelihood of road accidents.


Other than following these useful tips, you need to ensure you have the best parts and accessories available for your truck. Say for example, have one of the best semi-truck steering wheels for total and complete control of your truck. These days, the use of stainless steel truck fenders too has been playing a great role to avoid accidents and injuries.  

4 Things to Consider Before Buying Your Teen A Car


Children grow up quickly and before you know it, their wants switch from toy cars to real cars. As a parent, it is your duty to provide your child with whatever they wish for. However, it should always be kept in mind that there are limits to what a child can or cannot get. The last thing you want is to spoil your child and make them dependent on you for everything. Even if you buy them a car they should know that if they get a ticket they have to pay it themselves or find traffic ticket fixers Los Angeles to get out of a sticky situation.

Therefore, for all concerned parents of teenagers, here is a small list of things you should really consider before buying a vehicle for your teen:

Is Your Teen Responsible?

Driving is a huge responsibility. While driving the car, not only will your child be at risk but they could put others at risk as a result of reckless driving. It’s your job as a parent to judge your child by everyday actions. Is your teen doing all the chores they are assigned to do? Are they slacking, procrastinating or being too lazy? If the answer to most of these questions is yes, you have got yourself a problem. An irresponsible teen will not understand the importance of being safe while driving, which is a sufficient reason not to buy a car for your teen. You don’t want them to become a racecar driver.

What Did Your Parents Do?

We are part of a generation whose fathers and grandfathers have driven a car. This is something your teen shall notice. Kids are clever and they can go to any length just to prove their point, especially teenagers. If your parents bought you your first car, then it only sounds fair that you buy one for your teen. Otherwise, you become the bad guy and your relation starts to strain. If your parents trusted you enough to drive a car safely, you should too.

Your Budget

Budget is perhaps the most important thing to consider before making the tough decision of buying a car for your teen. If you are not affluent, you would want to buy a cheap car. On the other hand, if you have two cars, you can give the old one to your teen. They could practice, learn and get skilled before moving onto a more expensive car. Most of you might be able to buy a luxury car for your child but is that really the best decision? You would want your teen to learn how to earn their own money and save, so they could buy a car on their own.

Do They Really Need A Separate Car?

Since your teen already has a license, they could drive the family car. You need to ascertain if they really have the need of their own car. Perhaps, they have a long commute and buses are not on time, or you are busy to drop them off. Whatever is the reason, you should not provide them a car without need. Otherwise, they will not learn the concept of rewarding a necessity. When they do something good, reward them, and for something bad, punish them.

Most people are not able to afford such a luxury but you should try to create a balance. Buying a car for your teen is a huge step, so you should tackle it wisely.

Bike Bandit: One Stop Shop For OEM Motorcycle Parts  



Let’s get straight to the point, big box retailers simply don’t know the industry the way that enthusiasts do. There’s nothing better than knowing that your retailers cares about your parts and your bike the same way that they care about their own. also has the best motorcycle tires that money can buy, and the best tires for budget-friendly buyers as well. It’s not the same as heading to a local department store and grabbing a tire off the rack. We’re an all-in-one website that runs off of know-how, and is stocked with the best parts for your bike.

OEM parts are top of the line. We also offer aftermarket parts, but there’s a big difference—we understand what’s best for your make and model. Most shops stock aftermarket parts claiming they’re as good as the real thing. Depending on some brand exceptions, aftermarket parts are absolutely not the same thing, and we understand that. Aftermarket parts are for those with a tight and narrow budget, or who just want to get the last of their good ride on their failing bike.

OEM parts bring your bike back to life by revitalizing core components that help the rest of your bike run the way it’s supposed to. You wouldn’t replace one part of your pipe with a cardboard tube, right? That’s a band aid solution that does nothing more than give you the illusion that you’re better off. OEM parts are like finding the key to the lock; use the right key, get the result you want.

For the best motorcycle OEM parts, there’s one place to get it all—grab your accessories and browse our extensive catalog of items, including all the things you never knew you needed for your bike, at

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