What Are the Best Fashion Trends of 2016?


In less than a month, 2016 will come to an end and we’ll face another year. So now’s the best time to look back and ask ourselves: what were the best fashion trends that the past 12 months have brought us? Take a look at our list:

Sock boots

Formally known as the Yeezy knit ankle boots, these footwear have made it big this year not just because they’re endorsed by the Kardashian/Jenner sisters but also because they really are pretty. You can get the real deal at $900 per pair or follow YouTube instructional videos to make your own cheap versions.



A staple of 90s and 00s fashion, chokers have made a big comeback in 2016. From the basic black chains to more elaborate versions involving velvet, gold pendants, and Swarovski crystals, these fashion accessories have become a part of many stylish women’s outfits this year.


One of the best things about bralettes is that they can peak through your clothes without ever making you feel like you’re making a fashion faux pas. In fact, with their bold colors and cute designs, these undergarments are actually screaming to be seen. Wear them under a low-cut shirt or, if you’re brave enough, pair them with denim overalls and no shirt!

Double denim

This is usually a fashion no-no, but it seems that 2016 was willing to make an exception. You can opt for the safer option by wearing a darker denim top with lighter jeans or denim skirt (or vice versa). But, if you can pull it off, there’s nothing wrong with wearing denim of the same shade.

Ripped jeans


After they became a hit in the 2000s, ripped jeans were considered to be unfashionable. But now that celebs have taken to wearing them, these holey denims are back to being stylish. Pair them with a tank top and a structured blazer for an ultra-chic look.

These are just some of the pieces that conquered 2016. Wear them while they’re still fashionable and stay on the lookout for 2017’s hottest trends!

The Five Pieces Your SS16 Wardrobe Needs


We all know we need to give our wardrobe a bit of a refresh every season, but the question is how?  Second to ditching your beanie hat and chunky scarf when the sun (finally) comes out, investing in a handful of key trends is the easiest way to keep your capsule collection current. Here’s a breakdown of spring/summer 2016 key pieces that’ll up your game in a matter of seconds.

Off-The-Shoulder Top

Tired of turtlenecks? You’re not alone. Luckily, this season it’s all about off-the-shoulder silhouettes. Spotted all-over your Instagram feed teamed with everything from high-waisted trousers to a midi skirt, it’s time you shrugged off your sleeves and bared those shoulders.

The Slip Dress

Forget bowl cuts and dungarees worn with one strap undone, SS16 pays homage to the 90s with grunge slip dresses that are back and slinkier than ever. Keep it casual with sneakers and layer yours over a simple T-shirt for extra coverage.

Lyst SS16
Lyst SS16

The Backpack

From personalised initials at Burberry to the signature Intrecciato weave at Balenciaga, the humble backpack just got a makeover.  No longer reserved for gap year students and pre-schoolers, going hands-free just got cool. Swap out your oversized clutch and impractical mini bag for one of these, and your back (and wardrobe) will thank you later.

Extra Long Earrings

There’s a place for simple studs in every jewelry collection, but they’re hardly a game changer. This season’s extra long earrings are a different matter. Whether worn with boyfriend jeans and a white shirt or used to elevate an LBD, statement shoulder-grazing earrings are a simple trick to polish up your look.

Haute Slippers

Tired of struggling in your higher than high heels and nursing your aching feet at the end of the day? Trade in yours for SS16’s flat slippers. Super comfortable and easy to slip on, backless mules are one trend you won’t want to see off come autumn/winter.

Save Your Winter Wardrobe with These 5 Cool Hacks


Every fashionista has her daily outfits planned out. Aside from that, every piece is taken with extreme care to ensure they last a long time. But external factors could put unnecessary wear and tear, including the weather. If you think winter is ruining your most prized pieces, here are five brilliant hacks you probably don’t know yet.

Freeze new tights overnight before wearing them.

This could extend the life of your tights. So, how to freeze your opaques? Run them under the faucet. Wring them properly to squeeze the water out. Then, place them in a plastic bag, and pop it in the freezer for a whole night to strengthen the fibers of the tights. Before using them in the morning, thaw them first.

Use home products to soften itchy sweaters.


If your favorite sweater has become itchy due to age, you can soften it by soaking it in mixture of white vinegar and cold water for 15 minutes. Then, gradually pour hair conditioner on the conditioner, gently massaging it. Let it sit for at least 30 minutes. After that, rinse the conditioner out and let your sweater dry.

Freeze sweaters and coats to prevent them from shedding.

It can be embarrassing to wear clothes that are shedding. But instead of not wearing your favorite cashmere, wool or knitted clothing, freeze them before you wear them. This keeps the fiber of your clothes intact.

Hang leather clothing to avoid creases.

Some people fold leather pants or jackets thinking that they don’t need ironing. But doing so could cause creases and ruin your leather clothes. To prevent this from happening, hang them using the hangers with clamps. Use cardboard to protect the material from clamp indents.


Save old stockings or tights with runs by using a stronghold hairspray.

The spray will hold the fibers together and prevent the run from worsening and ruining your hosiery.

Make your winter staples last for several years by using these hacks. That way you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite clothes and save money at the same time.

Here’s How to Grow Your Hair Longer ASAP


Short hairstyles for women are all the rage nowadays. You see a lot of celebrities sporting bobs and pixie cuts now and then. But these hairstyles can grow old and get out of fashion in the future, as fashion constantly changes. For a no-fail haircut that lets you wear any do, long hair is always the answer.

But what if you’ve cut your hair to a pixie? Waiting for it to naturally grow can be such a drag. Thankfully, there are simple ways to help grow your locks ASAP.


Make adjustments to your diet.

Mixing protein and nutrients into your diet improves the condition of your hair. This is because healthy eating strengthens your follicles and prevents each strand from breaking easily. It also helps to incorporate omega-3 oils. So, start packing on fish, nuts and supplements.

Physicians advice though that people should keep their weight stable and to avoid yo-yo dieting or other fad dieting because it can affect the quality of your hair.

Be smart about styling your tresses.

Heat can damage your hair and scalp. So, if you use hair straighteners or curling irons on a regular basis, you can expect your hair to be brittle and dry. Too much exposure to sunlight can cause damage, too, making your locks harder to grow. But by diligently applying deep conditioner, it can regain its former glory.


Use vitamins and condition ingredients.

You can effectively stimulate hair growth by using vitamins and supplements that can help increase the production of enzymes and hormones that allow your hair to grow faster. This helps push regeneration of anti-aging ingredients that can speed up hair growth. Doctors recommend supplements that contain biotin, vitamin C and shark powder.

Avoid too much stress.

Stress can affect hair. This is why you need to get deep-tissue massages every week so your body and mind can relax. Keep in mind that stress can cause your adrenal system to produce more cortisol, which can cause skin and hair problems.

What’s the Fuss over Flash Tats?


Tattoos have long been used to adorn a person’s body, and to make a statement or announce one’s stature or position. This time around, tattoos are mainly for fashion purposes – as a form of art and expression matched with the sophistication of design and style.

As of late, the craze is over flash tattoos or flash tats – jewelry-inspired temporary tattoos for fashion enthusiasts. It’s all about making regular tattoos appeal to the feminine public who don’t like permanent ink under their skin.

flash tat

Unlike regular tattoos, they are primarily for fashion, and can be removed and replaced any given time because well, they are temporary. They are non invasive, too, so putting them on means one does not have to go through the painful process of needle piercing into the skin.

Yes, they are more like those childish tattoo stickers, but far more fashionable. Lasting for up to six days, flash tats are sensitive to soap, sunscreen and just about any skin products, particularly oil-based ones. So needless to say, they would virtually last for a day given that women can’t live without taking a bath or putting on lotion.

Flash tats come in sets or unique packs, depending on the chosen design. One can go wearing a perfectly distinctive flash tat or march to a party with friends of matching flash tats. Yes, there is a pack right for sharing with friends. Well, perhaps friends can take turns putting on the tattoos, right?

flash tat2

Flash tattoos are applicable to all parts of the body where the adhesive works, even the nails. So if styles are small enough for wearing on finger or toenails, users are free to do so. Just make sure the surface is clean, and then with a little water, the tattoo is ready to stick onto the surface for a good couple of hours (or days).

Removing the flash tats is simple and easy – literally just take a bath and scrub your skin with your favorite moisturizing bath gel or soap. And if that isn’t enough, try putting on oil-based skin products (the mortal enemy of flash tats), and gently scrub the tattoo off.

Spring/Summer Hair Trends to Inspire You This Year


Your crowning glory can make a lot of difference in how you look. This means that your hair color or style can should flatter the shape of your face or complement your skin tone. Here are some of the hair trends for this year’s spring and summer.

Caramel Blonde

– if you’re already blonde, add warm tones that give the illusion of a caramelly, buttery feeling. They should be blended well, so ask a professional’s help. This is to avoid creating a striped or ombre look. This is the perfect summer hair color as it looks fresh and natural. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Karlie Kloss and Diane Kruger all have caramel blonde hair.

caramel blonde

Shades of Red

– red is quite major this season. Some of the popular celebrities who sport red hair include Emma Stone and Julianne Moore, who have copper red hair, Julia Roberts with  chestnut red, and Maggie Grace and Jessica Chastain with strawberry red.

Monotonal Brunette

– brunettes should be thankful this year as they don’t need to change their hair color to look fashionable this spring and summer. All they need to do though is to maintain their hair color with regular glosses. Stars with this hair color include Katie Holmes, Anne Hathaway and Olivia Munn, to name a few.

Icy White

– if you want to look like an ice queen, you’ll need to switch to silver shampoo for that ice white shade that has no brassy tones.

icy white

Honey Blonde

– honey-colored hair would be perfect for women with tan skin and glossy lip. Wear it lose for that dreamy look.

Platinum Blonde

– although this hair color is highly susceptible in showing the roots, show off the contrast by pulling your locks in a bun. You can also try an intricate braid to display your multi-tonal blondes.


– this hair color is perfect if you have fine hair types. This is because it gives the hair an illusion of body and volume.

Spring-Summer Makeup Trends 2015 as Seen in AsNTM3


This week’s episode of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 (AsNTM3) featured a challenge wherein the contestants were to pair up and copy looks from the spring-summer trends of 2015. If you are wondering how to look chic and pretty this upcoming season, here are six amazing and trendy makeup looks for 2015 as featured in AsNTM3, and some tips how to copy the looks:



This look has the addition of snowy features for a luminous and glowing appearance. The model appears to be having the rays of sun, or any light source for that matter, directly brightening up the face. The best makeup to use for this look is iridescent powder with a hint of silver dust applied mostly around the eyes. The lips get an equally luminescent gloss in a blend of two or three pastel tints.


Review is more of an eye makeup with dark, bold colors applied to the eyelids, at times in odd, geometric shapes towards the outer eye area, as well as long and thick lashes. Review is different from the regular smoky eyes in that it is more of a defined art than color blending.

No Make-Up

Barely there makeup pimps up one’s natural look with the aid of subtle makeup. Although the finish product is simple, achieving this look is quite tricky. The face must be thoroughly clean and made free from blemishes. The skin must not appear shiny. The cheeks must have subtle flush using warm peaches or pinks. The brows and lashes make use of clear mascara, and eyelashes applied with subtle hints of browns.

Free Party

This one creates a liberated and sassy look using bold and colorful palettes generally applied to the eye area. The lids and lashes play a huge part to get this look covered mostly in glittering shades of purples, blues and greens.


Scarlet Reduction

This highlights the use of very red lipstick. All other parts of the face display subdued palettes.

Rock Glamour

This look is party-ready, but unlike free party, rock glamour is a mixture of the wild and feisty. This makes use of smoky eyes and dark lip colors, including rich reds, dark browns and even black.

Undercover Fashion Accessories


Remember the days of Inspector Gadget? It was then when everyone watched awestruck every practical tool that came with a push of a button or the removal of the inspector’s fingertip. Well, here’s good news: now, you can own innovative accessories that you can flaunt for fashion and at the same time use for everyday practical purposes!

Vivienne Westwood Lighter Necklace


This orb necklace by Vivienne Westwood is not only stunning, it holds purpose greater than just pleasing the eye. Sitting inside this luxurious-looking tiny orb is every smoker’s best friend: a lighter. But unfortunately, the piece costs $5,000 – a price that has extinguished the lustful flame of many.

Fragrance Rings

If you are someone who’s not fond of wearing jewelries, then it’s a good time to start now. Fragrance rings by Kat Von Dee, Oscar de la Renta, Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs aren’t only fashionable statement pieces, they also allow wearers to access some of the brands’ sweetest smelling fragrances right at their fingertips!

Why get these? Well, anyone who has gone through New York especially during summers very well knows that deodorants just don’t cut it sometimes.


Juicy Couture Pyramid Bracelet

Juicy Couture has long been known for their confection-inspired jewelries and velour jumpsuits. Perhaps the style is not your preference but this next item might change your mind.

This Juicy Couture cuff bracelet doubles as a USB drive. Edgy and chic, it can surprisingly become your back-to-school best friend without you even knowing it.

The Sinapsis Office Tie

What’s better than cracking open a bottle of cold beer right after (or during) a long day of work?

This tie by Sinapsis makes sure that wearers are always up and ready to pop off bottle caps in style the moment the clock hits 6. Its tip dangle with a metal cap opener but it’s been designed in a way that comes off looking just like a decorative ornamentation.

New Swedish Watches Are Out of This World, Literally


When you think about a watch of particularly high quality, what characteristics first spring to mind? What about water resistance? Precision? Or shock resistance perhaps? All this is true, but…

Swedish watchmaker Halda are now looking to raise the bar, creating something that we think is the closest you can get to being from a Bond movie, without actually being in a Bond movie!

Does Halda ring a bell? Not just a one trick pony, Halda has been manufacturing the Taximeter found in London cabs for decades, providing a super stable platform for millions of journeys in the world of mini-cabbing. Not yet impressed? Halda can also be held responsible for developing gear boxes for some of the world’s most famous high performance cars, including a portfolio of work for Porsche, Lamborghini, Bugatti and Maserati, to name but a few.

Not a bad CV so far then.

Swedish Watch
Swedish Watch

Riding on a wave of success, Halda decided to take things to the next level. The challenge was simple, to create a watch capable of operating under extreme environments. In this case, as a fully functioning space watch.

No, we’re being serious.

To tackle the challenge of having a watch suitable for both everyday use here on earth, with the ability to withstand some of the most extreme conditions known to man, Halda came up with a robust and easily interchangeable modular design.

This design incorporates both a mechanical interface for use on earth, with a futuristic digital module suitable for working in a zero gravity environment.

Halda's Futuristic watches
Halda’s Futuristic watches

Not just bells and whistles, Halda are serious about proving the capabilities of their Space Discovery watch. So much so, that every individual function of the watch has been designed and tested with NASA, this includes the on board G-Force sensors to the automatic light sensor that adjusts the backlight of the watch, depending on current atmospheric conditions. The watch was granted certification by astronauts after extensive testing in space.

The Space Discovery’s extreme capabilities are owed in part to the material which houses the watch itself. Tecamex is a material originally developed for military and space use, and is fully certified by NASA. In fact, it is the very first time this unique and ultra-resistant material has been used outside of the space programme.

Although you might not be likely to be a planning a space holiday anytime soon, it’s nice to know that it’s an option.

Don’t laugh, Virgin Galactic are already taking reservations for trips into space at $250,000 a pop! Not exactly a bargain in 2014, so we’ll probably give it a miss.

Halda Watches went on to create the equally impressive Halda Race Module which was built with the help of race engineers and tested by Formula 1 drivers. Halda combine the very latest modern technology with stunning design and functionality to create truly unbelievable timepieces. If you are looking for a watch with a difference, that looks incredibly stylish and offers precision timekeeping, then look no further than Halda watches.

One more thing…

James Bond called, he wants his watch back!