Taking Your Side Business to the Next Level – Things to Focus on


Running a side business is a great idea in this economy, and it can provide you with some much-needed security and stability. At the same time, it also has the potential to grow into something bigger, even to the point where you can comfortably support yourself entirely on that business alone. Getting there takes a lot of time and effort though, and often a little bit of luck too. You must also know what areas to focus on during this transition, because upgrading your business from a side gig to your primary source of income will require a lot of planning on your end.

Keep It a Side Business for as Long as You Can

Business young woman thinking and looking to side while working

First, you should do your best to keep your side business that way for as long as you can. Don’t rush to quit your day job, even if you’re already seeing strong signs of future stability and growth. You must test this out for some time to ensure that it’s really a long-term prospect, rather than a temporary fluctuation in your success. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment when it’s safe to move your side business to a full-time job – it’s up to you to have enough experience with running things to notice the important signs.

Plan Multiple Approaches

You should ideally have several plans of approach and try to test each one out as much as you can before committing to any specific decision. There are lots of ways to go about turning a side business into a full-time job, and each of them will work better or worse in specific situations and for specific business types. You have to understand your own market and figure out what the safest way to play your cards is. Sometimes, you will need to go all in, and invest as much as you can in a short period of time to give your business the boost it needs. In other cases, a more patient approach will prove more rewarding.

Do You Need to Hire New People?

One of the most common issues to address when expanding your side business is whether you need to bring any extra help on board. Generally, you will sooner or later reach a point where it’s impossible to grow further without additional employees. However, you must tread very carefully here, and avoid spreading yourself too thin. This is one of the most common mistakes that sink businesses in their early stages.

Be very conservative about hiring new employees, and make sure that your company can endure the extra financial burden. Don’t underestimate the cost of hiring extra help – it goes far beyond salary and benefits. You will also have a lot of overhead in hiring and training new people, and this can sometimes prevent you from focusing on your actual work.

Physical Office – Pros and Cons

Another question that often comes up in these situations is whether you should invest in a physical location or keep things remote for a start. The latter is generally preferred nowadays, unless you have a good reason to set up a physical office. Many types of businesses don’t require physical market presence and can be handled just fine over the internet, including when you have employees working under you.

If you do decide to open up your first office, make sure to calculate its running costs for the next few years carefully. Commercial leasing contracts are often stricter in their duration and other conditions, and you can’t back out of one as easily if you realise that it doesn’t suit your needs well enough. Just like hiring too many employees too fast, this can be a costly mistake.

Developing Your Skills in the Right Direction


Think about your own profile as a professional. You have to keep your skills fresh and relevant as best as you can. Higher education can help a lot with that. A masters in business analytics from an institution like Aston University can provide you with a lot of insight about how a company should be operated, both in the short and the long term. ItPeople in the city,USA,An office or apartment interior in New York City. A couple side by side business will also help you identify various issues with your business that might not be immediately obvious to someone without advanced education on the subject.

Have a Fallback Option

You should have something to fall back on if things don’t work out. Ideally, it will never come to that of course – but you can’t predict how the market is going to move in the next few years, and it’s entirely possible that your business might go under even though you did everything right.

With that in mind, do your best to make the transition as graceful as possible. Don’t burn any bridges when quitting your day job, and try to keep some options open there. Stay in touch with your old colleagues and continue to network in your field in general. You never know when some of those contacts are going to come in handy in the future, and it’s better to have them and not need them than the other way around.

On a related note, use the opportunity to learn. No matter where this goes and whether it fails or succeeds, you’ll still have the experience the whole ordeal provides in the end. And this is more valuable than you might assume right now. Even if you fail, you’re going to have a much more solid foundation the next time you decide to give a similar idea a try. And you’ll be much more confident in making some of those crucial decisions.

After considering all those things, the biggest barrier remaining will be to overcome any doubts you have about this and take the plunge. It’s going to be a scary and exciting experience at the same time, and things are likely going to happen very fast in the beginning. That’s why it’s so important to take as much time as you can to prepare initially, and to explore all your options as best as you can before committing.

The 4 Coolest Digital Marketing Campaigns of All Time


There’s more to Digital Marketing than just putting up a video or fancy graphic and calling it a day.

In the increasingly internet savvy age, successful digital marketers use social media to increase audience engagement and build relationships with consumers to generate brand loyalty.

Great campaigns leverage emotion ­– using humour, tugging at heart strings – to really make their audiences feel.

Or there’s the risk takers, such as Adam Pacitti, who used his last £500 to purchase a billboard that would advertise himself as a jobseeker. They do say there’s a fine line between genius and madness, but it worked for him!

Here are four great digital marketing campaigns to inspire you – you’ll probably recognise a few!

  • Twitter – #BrandBowl

The Super Bowl is one of the most sought after and expensive ad slots that you can get. With audiences reaching the hundreds of millions, companies pay millions just for a 30 second spot – famous examples include Apple’s ‘Macintosh 1984’ and Old Spice’s ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.’

Twitter, however, have used the Super Bowl a little differently. Their #BrandBowl by pitted companies and their adverts against each other. Rather than trying to compete with the Super Bowl, they just made sure that they were the social media platform that people were using to engage with it.

  • Riso Gallo – #BeyondRistotto

Risotto rice experts Riso Gallo worked with digital marketing agency Maratopia Digital Marketing and master chef Danilo Cortellini to run a pretty cool completion – offering their customers a chance to win a trip to Milan.

All entrants had to do was make a social media post to share their very own rice salad recipes – using the Riso Gallo range, of course ­– with the hashtag BeyondRisotto.

A pretty easy task for a holiday!

  • Virgin Media – #FasterCloser

With their Faster Brings Us Closer campaign, Virgin Media proved that they know the value of an emotionally relatable and empathetic marketing campaign that strikes a chord on the heartstrings of their audience.

Storytelling is a great way to encourage audience engagement and get them talking. As a species we’re drawn to stories, and they’re a fantastic method for advertising any product.

Virgin Media ran this campaign across multiple social media platforms, as well as investing in television advertising, to make sure that their advert was seen by as many consumers as possible.

  • Greggs – #VeganSausageRoll

In 2019, Greggs leveraged humour to market their vegan sausage roll by parodying the smart phone adverts we’ve all become familiar with.

This proved to be an excellent way of demonstrating all the delicious features of their product! And after gaining over 5 million views across their platforms in just days, it definitely worked well for Greggs!

An Honourable Mention – The Instagram Egg

There seems to be little purpose to this digital marketing stunt… perhaps it was put forward by the chickens.

But with 55 million likes, a photo of an egg posted to an account owned by advertising creative Chris Godfrey, is the most liked photo on Instagram.

Similar to the Christmas Number One campaign back in 2009 which saw 90s rockers Rage Against the Machine take that much-coveted top spot, the aim of this egg stunt was perceived by many as a rebellion against the system ­­– after all, the initial call to action was to beat the world like record that was at the time held by Kylie Jenner.

Digital marketing is an essential tool to increase customer engagement for companies of all sizes in this increasingly digital-reliant age.

What are your favourite digital Marketing campaigns? Tell us all about them in the comments below!

How to Never Run Out of Stock


Whether you are working in the manufacturing business, own a retail unit or work in deliveries, it is important that you always have enough stock at hand while still striving to run a lean business. This can be quite a difficult task however, especially if you are dealing with a product that is in demand. To help you make the best business choices possible so that you never do run out of the items that you need the most, this detailed guide has been created. Read on now for everything that you need to know.

Use Sophisticated Search Engines

If you are in the market for supplies, it doesn’t make sense to simply rely on what generic search engines have to offer. It’s better to find smart, API-driven software that can truly allow you to find exactly what you are looking for. Even better is supplier-focused software that can draw together a whole different number of suppliers and show you what is in stock and how quickly it can arrive at your place of work. For a great option, check out the services available at Octopart.

Build a Great Relationship With Suppliers

When you are looking for the right pieces, it helps to have the best possible relationship with suppliers. No matter what industry that you are working in, it helps to be personal and personable, so you’re able to strike up a friendly and cordial relationship that means that they will have your back in a moment of crisis. This is why it is incumbent upon you, whether you are working in construction, engineering, technology or retail, that you go to conferences and use LinkedIn to build those relationships.

Use Smart Inventory Management Software

When you are worried about running out of stock, it definitely helps to use smart inventory management. With the power of technology, you will be able to stay completely on top of how much stock you have left and whether you need to automatically put in new orders. As a result, this can help you to identify any shortages that you have while making it easier than ever to make the necessary changes.

Know Your Sales Data

It’s hard to figure out your stock needs without knowing your sales data. Only by properly identifying your sales will you be able to identify the moment when you restock. The important part is to remember to follow a just-in-time principle. Popularized by Toshiba in Japan, and helping them to reach their peak in the manufacturing sphere, this means that you only have enough stock in store to meet your short-term requirements. While this might actually sound counter-intuitive, it actually allows your business to have a lean management approach.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, running out of stock can be one of the worst events to befall your business, but with smart management tools it needn’t be a problem. Implement all the policies recommended above and your business is likely to be a success.

4 Ways to Attract Customers to Your Brick-and-Mortar Store


In the age of online shopping, more and more retail businesses are opting for e-commerce stores instead of in-person shopping through brick-and-mortar stores. However, if you currently have or are thinking of starting a brick-and-mortar store for your business, you must be thorough when it comes to attracting customers.

With the ease of online shopping, brick-and-mortar stores have to work harder to get customers to get out of the house and physically search for an item to buy. In this article, we’ll explore four different ways to get more customers into your store and increase your sales.

Make Your Store Inviting

It’s going to take more than just a business sign installation to attract customers into your store. People always appreciate having an experience. Whether they realize it or not, people are more likely to go back to places that induce positive feelings. This should be your goal when designing the interior of your brick-and-mortar.

For example, if you have a boutique jewelry store, you’ll want to create a posh, sophisticated, and elegant experience for your customers. Sales assistants should be ready to answer questions and make suggestions without being pushy with customers.

When first opening your store, it’s a good idea to invest in an interior designer to help you create the perfect atmosphere.

Host In-Store Events

Give people a reason to come into your store. You can do this by hosting in-store events such as new product launches, interviews or talks with someone related to your industry, or a simple happy hour in the middle of the week with a free glass of wine and a discount on a purchase.

When you have exclusive offers for customers who come into the store, it encourages people to visit. Once they see your products, they’ll be more inclined to buy, especially because you’re creating a positive experience for them through your event.

Have Exclusive In-Store Sales and Offers

Another way to attract customers to your store is by sending them an exclusive in-store-only coupon. If you have an email list, you can send past customers a special discount the next time they shop in your store. Or you can have a mail campaign and send postcards to the community with a coupon.

Not only will these offers bring people into your store, but it’s a great way to get past customers to return and new customers and check out your inventory.

Create a Killer Marketing Strategy

Just because your store isn’t e-commerce doesn’t mean you can’t utilize digital marketing tactics to attract new customers. For example, sending out an email marketing campaign to offer coupons is a great way to do this!

Make sure you create social media accounts and verify your business’s profile on Facebook and Google so it comes up in search engines. You should also have a website with information about your services or products as well. Eventually, you may want to offer online sales, but that’s a whole other article to explore!

4 Tips for Restructuring Your Business


An inefficient business is most likely an unsuccessful one. The harsh truth is that many companies operate on thin margins. So it’s essential for business leaders to create business models that optimize performance and productivity. One way to do this is to restructure your organization.

Rethinking how your company operates may not be a simple undertaking, but it can produce substantial benefits all the same. On that note, today we’ll share four tips you can use to design a better, more streamlined business model:

Make Accurate Assessments

Too many business leaders make assumptions about the nature of their company. It’s unwise to think you know which elements of your organization are functioning well –– and which aren’t –– without making detailed assessments first. That’s why business leaders looking to shake up their company dynamic should first review relevant data about their organization. They must also speak with rank-and-file employees to get their feedback. Just because an organizational re-shuffle seems like a good idea on paper, it doesn’t mean it will always translate in real life. Bottom line: you need your staff on board if you have plans to alter the way your company operates.

Educate & Train

If you plan on changing fundamental aspects of your organization, then you as a business leader have an obligation to educate and train your staff. For instance, if you decide to consolidate, combine, or alter entire departments, then you need to give your team members educational resources they can use to adapt to their new roles and responsibilities. The good news is that investing in training programs can improve employee productivity and morale. You can contact a company like EJ4 for more information on this subject.

Study Alternative Methods

The best business leaders are constantly questioning their methods, and they recognize they can learn a lot from other entrepreneurs. There’s nothing wrong with studying how successful businesses in your field handle internal issues and challenges. By seeing how others deal with similar problems, you can uncover alternative solutions to your issues.


Success in the modern business world often comes down to clear and concise communication. As we mentioned above, business leaders need support from their employees to do just about anything substantial. This means that miscommunications and misunderstandings can derail an internal restructuring. Let your team know how you plan to change, when you plan to implement new policies, and why you’re overhauling your company in the first place. Without precise instructions and proper planning, employees will struggle to enact big changes in the workplace. Remember, a little transparency can facilitate your next big business project.

How to Succeed in The Modern Business World


Although many of the basics that underpin success in business are still vital in 2021, the business world has changed drastically in recent years.

This means that there are many different steps that you need to take now, which you would not have had to take in years gone by. So, to have a successful career in business or to make sure that your current business continues to thrive, here is the low-down on what you need to do.

1.   Get a Tech-Related Qualification In Your Field

As the years go by, it is increasingly important that you are able to support your skills in business with a related qualification, such as a business degree. However, due to the mass integration of technology with the business world, it has now also become vital to consider getting a tech-related qualification instead, no matter what field your business or occupation is in. For instance, if you have a Communications Degree, you should consider upgrading this to a Master’s in Digital Marketing and Data Analysis. This can help you to meet the demands of today’s world head-on and ensure that you are prepared for what is required of you in the modern business landscape. Click here to find out more about how a Communications degree prepares you for a Master’s in Digital Marketing and Data Analysis.

2.   Work with Technology

If you decide to reject technology and stick to manual methods of carrying out your work, you will be setting yourself up for failure. You should make sure that you are constantly working with technology and looking at what it can do for you. This will ensure that technology becomes an asset to you and your career rather than a detriment to your progress in the business world. For instance, you might decide to download certain business and personal software applications that can help you to manage everything from job applications to the financial side of a venture. You might also decide to equip yourself or your business with certain gadgets which could be advantageous to you, such as a 3D printer or a business laptop which can help you to complete your work to a high standard.

3.   Follow the Latest Business Trends

To make a success of your career in business, you also need to try to follow the latest trends and even forecast what could be trending in the future. This could be in terms of the types of products that customers or looking for, or even the types of marketing campaigns that are attracting the attention of your target audience. By following these trends, you will be able to ensure that you can stay relevant to the business world, whether this is in terms of your skills or simply what your business offers. To keep on top of the latest trends, you should sign up for industry journals and publications where you will be able to read about the latest news and innovations. Then, you will be able to take steps so that you or your business can adapt to these quickly.

4.   Constantly Promote Innovation

The business and tech worlds are constantly inventing and finding new ways to operate. As both as an entrepreneur and as a business professional, you must be constantly looking to innovate in both your business and your work in order to keep up with the industry that you have based your career within. To do this, you should try to carry out effective research on a regular basis and connect with others in your industry to hear different business perspectives and tech discoveries. You should also be constantly thinking up new ideas and finding solutions to the biggest issues in your sector. If you own a business, you can make sure that you improve your brand by creating an innovation strategy and hiring new individuals who will be able to bring something new to your company. You should also try to foster collaboration to encourage your team to work together to build on their ideas.

5.   Be Part of an Engaging Culture

To succeed you need to be engaged in your job role within the business world and to do this, you need to be part of an engaging culture that encourages idea-sharing and innovation. If you are a business owner that has the means to set this up, you can create an engaging and modern culture by: offering training opportunities to your employee; hosting meetings where your employees can all pitch in their ideas; and by creating an inspiring office space for everyone to work in. Businesses should also create a modern company culture by trying out new ideas regardless of whether or not they are scared of failure, they can then work on how to improve their business in the future by measuring their success and using the resulting data.

6.   Continue to Learn

If you only take one step to keep ahead in the business world, it should be continuing to learn throughout your career. If you refuse to develop and get stuck in your ways, you will find that the business world modernizes and moves on without you, and that you will not have the right skills to either find a job or to make a success of your business in the future. To make sure that you can continue to succeed for years to come, you should constantly be learning about your industry, even if you believe that your career or business is going well. For instance, you should consider going to professional events and conferences where you will be able to hear experts talk, consider participating in additional projects outside of your workplace, or going on a job exchange.

7.   Maintain Strong Business Relationships

Although networking has always been important within the business world, it is now more important than ever to maintain strong business relationships. Many people believe that it is more difficult to network now, especially due to the coronavirus pandemic, this does not have to be the case, though. Technology can provide you with an excellent platform from which to make connections that can help you to progress and to grow your business. For instance, if you are a business professional, strong business relationships could allow you to hear about jobs in your area which could help you to glean advice about how to achieve your goals. On the other hand, if you own your business, business relationships could lead to partnerships and collaborations, such as shared digital marketing campaigns. This could help you to face many of the unprecedented challenges of the modern business world.

8.   Stand Out from the Competition

Whatever you do in the business world, the most important step that you can take towards success is to stand out. It can be more difficult to stand out than you might expect though, with there being more people now looking to get into business than ever before and the US being the best place in the world to get into business. If you are a business professional, you should consider boosting your skills and experience so that you can expand your CV, while also specializing in a niche where jobs may not be as highly sought-after or where there may be a skills gap. If you own your own business, you should stand out through vivid marketing campaigns and by researching your competition to the best of your ability. This can help you to develop unique products that are different from those which are offered by other industries in your sector.

9.   Be Flexible When Change Occurs

The modern business world is constantly changing and adapting to developments in technology. This demands that entrepreneurs and business professionals are flexible at all times and willing to make changes to the way that their ventures operate and to the way that they complete their work. For instance, there is now a push to work from home since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, which threw many business operations into mayhem. Being prepared for these changes and having a plan B for any given situation will ensure that your business and career can confront any challenges facing it and that you can make compromises that work in your favor. For instance, you might consider developing infrastructure which can support remote working or which can work alongside certain technical developments whose usage may become widespread within the business world in the future.

Succeeding in the business world has always been a struggle and success within business can be even more difficult to grasp in the modern, digital age. However, modernity also presents many benefits that business owners and professionals can take advantage of, such as the ability to upskill and find opportunities easily and the ability to work from anywhere in the country- or even the world. Then, to stay successful in business in 2021, you need to be prepared for anything and you will be able to do this by following the steps that have been given in the guide above.

How to Find the Best Plumbers in Bromley


When considering hiring the services of a professional plumber a lot of doubts surface. How exactly does one go about finding the perfect fit. Especially in London’s Bromley where there are a lot of options to pick from, how do you go about finding the right plumbers for the job. Below we’re taking a look on different tips that will help you find the best plumbers in Bromley!

Plumber at showcase with boilers, plumbering store

Tricks for hiring an inexpensive plumber

Faults in the plumbing installation of any home or business in Bromley are usually very scandalous, so in addition to taking into account the price of the repair by a professional, we may have to add the material damage caused. Unfortunately this is the main reason that leads us to look for an inexpensive plumber, but we must remember not to neglect the quality of the repair. Thus you need to keep in mind that it’s necessary to find the best balance between price and quality when you need a plumber.

It is true that there is no magic formula that will make us find an expert in plumbing in Bromley with affordable services in the blink of an eye. But what we can do is follow some guidelines to try to take as little time as possible to find the right professional.

Professional Plumber Work

First you’ll want to use a search engine to locate the nearest plumbers in Bromley or with the ones with the specialization for the type of repair or installation you require. Check the information on their site to ensure that they actually offer the appropriate service.

Then you’ll want to look up opinions on the internet. It may sound a bit strange, but the internet is the new square in the neighbourhood. Do a quick search to find local opinions and experiences of other clients in Bromley with this professional. This will help you get a general idea of ​​whether they really work well.

Once you have selected several professionals that fit what you need, contact them and request a quote without committing to anything. For this, remember to report everything that is relevant for the repair, such as the type of failure, the condition of the pipes, year of installation, etc. This will make it easier to get better offers.

Look at the value for money. Once you receive the quotes from the plumbers, don’t just look at the price. Take into account the materials that will be used and the repair they propose, a quality solution for life will always be better than spending less money and having the breakdown reoccur.

Working plumber

Guarantee and certified plumbers

Price is not the only important thing when you ask a professional for a quote. You must make sure that they are certified plumbers who offers guarantees, in addition to assessing other aspects. We give you the following tricks to make it easier for you to quickly find a professional inexpensive plumber.

Take into account the deadlines

On many occasions we can receive budgets with little investment but to carry out the following month or when the professional finishes the projects they are working on at the moment. However, in case you have a plumbing emergency you cannot afford such long deadlines but you need the expert to come as soon as possible. Evaluate in each case how long you can wait and if it can pose a problem. Usually the more urgency you have, the higher the price of the service.

Look for available promotions

Marketing is the order of the day in all sectors, also in the plumbing. There are many professionals in this field who offer discounts to followers of social networks, monthly offers or promotions in the first job requested or in subsequent ones. If you want to save on the plumber’s bill, you are probably interested in checking if the professionals you are talking to do this type of advertising.

plumber looking under broken sink in kitchen

Request more information

If when you receive the budget there are things that are not clear to you or you have doubts, do not think about it and ask for all the information you need. It is important to be clear not only about the price of labour, but also the materials that are going to be used or the type of arrangement that is going to be carried out. On the other hand, if you want to make sure that you are dealing with a serious professional with training, be sure to ask for references.

Request samples of other jobs

There is nothing like viewing other jobs from a professional to check the results of your projects. In case you want to change the bathroom or put a shower instead of the bathtub, you can ask the plumber to let you see some of the reforms that he has previously done. In fact, on many occasions it is the professionals themselves who recommend it.

Check if they offer other services

One thing is clear, if you find a trusted professional that contact is worth gold. But if in addition to having an inexpensive plumber, you can request a locksmith, a painter or an electrician when you need it, then that is a treasure. A good idea is to look for comprehensive services.

Let yourself be advised

Besides CoolBuzz, if your cousin, your neighbour or the kiosk recommend you a professional, listen to them. There is no better guarantee than customer satisfaction. If you also like their work, be sure to recommend them so that they can expand their client portfolio thanks to their highly professional services.

How to Improve the Health and Safety of Your Business in 2020


Health and safety is more important in 2020 than ever before, and this has led to an increasing number of employers to rethink their policies and to change the way that they are run. If you are looking to create a safe and welcoming environment for both your team and your clients, here are some of the top steps that you can take.

Implement Social Distancing

The workplace has changed for the foreseeable future due to the rise of the coronavirus pandemic, with offices and factories being some of the top places where the virus can spread. However, rather than having to ask your employees and clients to stay at home until the pandemic is over, you should implement strict social distancing rules around your business. If you are struggling to do this, social distancing solutions can help your employees find desk space and stay aware of their surroundings.

Hire a Cleaning Service

Many illnesses can be easily spread around the workplace due to the fact that there are large numbers of people close to each other. Not only this, but many workplaces have poor ventilation and filtration, with some office practices, such as hot-desking, leading to the easy spread of germs. Then, since we are now entering the winter season, you should ensure that your team can reduce the number of sick days they take by hiring a cleaning service to ensure that your office space is spotless. This can also help you to remove hazards.

Train Your Employees

However, to help your employees to be in charge of their health, you should make sure that they are trained on every major piece of equipment that could cause them harm and that they have a great understanding of these before they operate them alone. As well as internal and external training schemes held regularly, you should also consider mentoring and buddy schemes that can help your new recruits to learn from the best.

Respond to Concerns

The people that know best whether your business is safe or not, though, are your clients and your employees, and this means that you should always respond immediately to any concerns that are raised with you. For instance, if a customer spots a hazard, you should inspect the hazard as soon as possible and close off the area. You can ensure that all of your concerns are looked into by hiring a health and safety co-ordinator and arranging inspections of the workplace throughout the day.

Take Out Insurance

Although having insurance cannot prevent any accidents or injuries from occurring in the workplace, taking out insurance can make sure that your employees and customers are well compensated if an accident does occur and that they are unlikely to sue you over any injuries that they sustain. This shows that you accept the responsibility that you have toward your employees and clients and prioritize their health and safety within your business above all else.

The most innovative leading green technologies


As the world feels the effect of climate change, from record temperatures to many animals becoming extinct, an eco-friendly future which reduces our reliance on fossil fuels has never been more paramount.

A recent study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences warned of a potential tipping point known as a hothouse earth, with climate change becoming an existential threat to humanity and places on Earth becoming uninhabitable.

To help combat this a suite of leading green technologies have been developed, from high-tech solar power to smog-eating buildings.

Here we take a look at some of the most exciting leading green technologies of the future that are changing the environment for the better.

Leading green technologies

Solar power

Solar power may not be “new” but the solar industry is ever evolving, constantly coming up with new and innovative ways in which to harness the power of the sun. One of the latest developments is floatovoltaics, solar panels especially designed to float on water. These innovative solar panels  can generate huge amounts of green energy, without taking up precious space on land. Furthermore, solar energy has become considerably cheaper over the years making it within reach of more and more people, while also being more efficient than ever before. This leading green technology offers a truly renewable energy source, helping to reduce or completely eliminate dependency on sourcing electricity through traditional methods.

Solar roof tiles

This leading green technology utilises small photovoltaic modules that are designed to resemble regular roofing. A major benefit of solar roof tiles over traditional solar panels is the aesthetics. While solar panels can look unsightly, solar roof tiles are undetectable. Tesla is one company leading the charge in the development of this innovative green technology.

Living buildings

An increasing number of developers are making use of every square inch of space for greenery, from spectacular gardens on rooftops to ones that are vertical. Not only do these living buildings look beautiful, but they also boast numerous green credentials too, including reducing the buildings carbon footprint by filtering carbon dioxide and pollutants out of the air.

Wind power

Harnessing the power of the wind is nothing new, but today’s leading green technologies take it up a notch. Cost-effective, this clean source of energy utilises state-of-the-art wind turbines to generate electricity. A major draw-back however is that traditional turbines can look unsightly, are expensive, noisy, and their output fluctuates depending on weather patterns. However, in the ever changing world of green energy, new turbines are being developed that are designed to combat these drawbacks, including offering an attractive sculpture-like design, such as the tree-like wind turbines made by New World Wind.

Smog-eating buildings

According to the World Health Organisation air pollution is a leading cause of death, killing some 4.2 million per year across the world. Now, leading green technology can help buildings to improve air quality and clean-up smoggy urban air. This air-scrubbing technology is made possible by state-of-the-art tiles that are coated with titanium dioxide. When activated by sunlight, these tiles convert harmful oxides into cleaner air, helping to create a healthier environment for all.

Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are set to become the norm in the next few decades as the latest leading green technologies make them more efficient and cheaper than ever before. Indeed, the UK government recently announced that a ban on selling new petrol, diesel, and hybrid cars will likely take effect in 2035 as the country aims to reach its target of emitting virtually zero carbon by 2050. And, many other countries are looking to follow suit.


As the world seeks to become greener, developers are taking note too. Some of the world’s most forward-thinking developments are now designed to be eco-friendly. Take for example the spectacular new development Portier Cove in Monaco. The principality’s first eco-development, Portier Cove will boast a raft of leading green technologies, setting a new benchmark for sustainability.

There’s no doubt that the world’s leading green technologies will shape the way we live in the future, creating a cleaner and more sustainable Earth for all.

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