Office Work Doesn’t Always Need to Be Sedentary

Working in an office means sitting in front of your computer for at least eight hours a day. Prolonged sitting can have ill effects on our health. This is why it’s important to try as much as you can to increase activity in your job. Here’s how:

  1. Move as much as you can.

Oftentimes, when you’re working inside a cubicle, there’s little room to move around. This forces you to spend the entire shift in one position. What you can do is to place some of your stuff somewhere that’s not within arm’s reach. That way, you’ll need to stand up from your chair and walk up to where the item is.


You should also consider taking frequent, short breaks. You can walk up and down a few flights of stairs several times a day just to get your blood vessels pumping. If you’re going down or up a few floors, use the stairs instead of the elevator. You can also go outside of your office for a few minutes to get some sun and be able stretch your body.

  1. Don’t drive to work

If your workplace isn’t really far, you can walk in going there. That way, you’ll be able to reduce stress and enhance activity. You can also use a bike instead. By doing so, you get a bit of exercise every morning before going to your office.


  1. Encourage others to join

It’s easier and more fun to do things when you’re part of a group. You can recruit some of your office mates to join you in being more active. By doing so, climbing up and down the stairs or walking outside won’t be so lonely. Plus, you’ll be able to move your body without fear of getting ridiculed for trying so hard. As you can see, there are several ways to keep yourself active even if you work in an office. So, say NO to living a sedentary life today!

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