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Smart Caps Lock

The best smart features by Apple

Apple products have conquered the world thanks to the quality of their design and attention to detail. Yet the average user of Apple devices often do not even see these small details, or whether they are useful only in very few of them. Some of these features offer even more […]

Smart glasses

A pair of smart glasses allows partially sighted people to see clearly

Researchers have developed smart glasses that improve the vision of people who see blurry images due to eye problems. Coming from Oxford University, they claim to have lenses that enhance the image of nearby people or objects, thus giving a clearer sense of space. At least this what the Royal […]


Smart clothes that guide blind people

The technology of smart clothing continually displays new innovations. The two most recent coming first by U.S. researchers, who created vibrant clothes that guide the blind people on the street and by Chinese scientists who built elastic yarn batteries embedded in clothing and feeding electricity. Approximately 285 million people suffer […]

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