20 curiosities of Google you surely do not know


1. Its name is the result of an error of the term googol which is the name given to 10 to 100. in reference to the large amount of information they wanted indexed. Indeed, the buzzword in question, googol, also has a history. American mathematician Edward Kasner asked his 9 year old nephew to invent a number and that was what the child told him.

2. Its extreme simplicity is because its founders wanted to upload quickly. Then they realized that people have loved to press “Enter” and see results appearing immediately.

3. In the beginning, many people thought that the site was not fully charged because it was so simple. That was not common in those days. They sorted ths by adding information on Copyright in the footer.


4. The button “I’m Feeling Lucky” makes you lose many millions of dollars in advertising to Google as it takes you directly to a web. However, it remains secure because founders keep making a more acceptable form.

5. Google has registered other domains with a similar name so if someone is wrong to write such as gogle.com and gooogle.com, it redirects to google.

6. Its slogan used to be Do not Be Evil.

7. Google is commissioned to do “caches” of the mainstream media preventing its collapseand many searches to the latest were redirected.

8. Google owns the domain 466453.com

9. In Google uses the rule 20/5 for their projects. If at least 20% of users need a function then it is included. Also if at least 5% need a function it is implemented in advanced preferences.

10. Gmail was in test period 2 and half years. They concluded that there were 6 types of users and based on that developed the application options.

11. Nobody knows exactly where are their datacenters.

Google curiosities
Google curiosities

12. In the past it was called BackRub.

13. Google was called Mom of the intranet, technical documentation and information with its more than 16,000 employees.

14. Their employees have available to 20% of their time to think about new projects.

15. The company has a rule about food. No employee can be more than 100 feet from it.

16. For some movies like “Lord of the Rings ” or “Transformers” the company reserved several cinemas exclusively for their employees and guests.

17. Google also had a beta version for a while.

18. They charged a $100,000 check on behalf of Google Inc. when it did not even exist. They had found it effective to do so.

19. GooglePlex is the name of their offices.

20. It was officially founded on September 7, 1998, so today it’s 10 years old.