2019: Top Coolest Careers


Everyone always asks what are the best paying jobs and careers but no one ever asks what are the coolest or most unusual careers one can have? It sounds weird, we know it but we assure you that we have been surprised as much as you. These are the most extravagant university careers, university studies and modules of two courses willing to teach subjects out of the ordinary, and today we share everything with you.

Ethical hacking

Extra stress should be placed on the word ethical. Not all pirates have to be “bad”, we also have to have those that are “good” to counterattack attacks. They are known as ethical “hackers” and are dedicated to fixing security problems when they arise.

Voice Over Artist

Have you ever watched a famous movie’s dubbed version in a language other than the original one and thought you could have done so much better? This is the career for you then. Feel and express some of the greatest characters in entertainment through your own voice. If interested, check voquent.com, the best voice over agency.

Bowling technology

Who do you think is responsible for the technology that is makes sure bowling works properly? Yes, there is a career aimed at making the machines that are responsible for this technology and management.

Philosophy and the Simpsons

This one will probably surprise you the most. There is a module of two courses at the prestigious University of California on the campus of Berkeley about the Simpsons where they study its philosophy. This is proof of the diversification that the curriculums have experienced over the years.

Science and technology of surfing

If you thought that nothing could beat the philosophy of the Simpsons, hold on because there are also studies revolving around the science of surfing. Do not get excited yet because learning how to surf is not part of it. If you are interested, it is taught in some of the British coastal universities such as Cornwall and Plymouth.

Science of the lawn

Next up we have a career in the Science of lawn. If sport is not your thing you can always have this successful career, where you you can specialize in placing the grass on the football and other sport fields. This includes both real and fake lawns and leads to a much larger industry than initially anticipated.

Did you find the coolest career of your dreams yet? Hopefully the list helped.


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