3 of the Coolest Car Gadgets of Today

With more and more vehicles with built-in navigation and Bluetooth capabilities rolling out of factories these days, you might think that the market for in-car gadgets is drying up. However, there are still a plethora of interesting technological add-ons for your car. The following are just 3 of the coolest gadgets that you can have for your car:

The Alcosense Digital Breathalyser Lite

Never mind thinking about whether or not it is wise to get behind the wheel after drinking more than a pint of beer or glass of wine, but this gadget will let you know where you are standing with regards to the long arm of the law. Including its low price, there are three great perks of having the Alcosense Lite that makes it an attractive proposition, and the other two are accuracy and re-usability. This gadget uses disposable blow tubes, which give you a controlled way to get your breath samples to its sensor, and has a self-cleaning function.


The EE Buzzard in-car 4G Hotspot

The bright yellow drink-can sized packaging of this car-optimised 4G Wi-Fi hotspot from EE actually makes the entire device looking more interesting than it is. Inside, it sports a regular 4G USB dongle that is made by Huawei and a 12v car charger, which you can connect to the former and into your car’s lighter adapter to generate a Wi-Fi network that can support up to 10 ten devices simultaneously.

The Garmin Dash Cam 20


If you drive for a living or want to record your road trips for a later playback and smiles, then this dash camera from Garmin is worth every penny of its cost. With it, you can catch the odd falling star as it cuts through the sky or other fascinating things that can occur around while you are driving.

With these cool gadgets, you will feel like you are bringing your car to the future!

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