5 crucial household items for clean freaks


The BBC’s Trust Me I’m a Doctor team proved that microbes recolonise kitchen worktops almost immediately after wiping.

This revelation underlines the struggle we face keeping our homes clean enough for habitation.

It’s a perpetual battle that some of us take it more seriously than others.

So here are five crucial household items for clean freaks who don’t mind enforcing strict hygiene rules.

  1. Hand sanitiser

Clean hands are a crucial part of keeping germs at bay, so it’s vital to introduce a rigorous regime in your home.

Sanitiser dispensers from Tork are more commonly found in hospitals than in domestic abodes — but there’s no reason you can’t install them around your home.

And if you look like you’re enjoying yourself as you apply a squirt while showing new guests around, they’ll soon follow your lead.

  1. Shoe cover dispenser

Asking visitors to remove their shoes often becomes a social quandary — but there’s no way they should be permitted to trail mud across your spotless carpets.

Providing plastic shoe covers is a possible compromise, but elderly guests can find it difficult to slip on these sheaths without sitting down.

The solution’s found in the form of Bell Hygiene’s shoe cover dispenser — guests simply step into the shoebox-shaped receptacle and their foot emerges shod in a classic blue cover.

  1. Mats

If a shoe cover dispenser seems like a step too far, the only way to ensure shoes don’t destroy your floor coverings is by purchasing a mat.

Door mats from The Mat Factory come in a variety of functional designs that remove the toughest detritus and they can also be personalised — so guests will feel warmly welcomed while they scrape their stilettos.

Using a tough outdoor mat externally and a softer mat just inside your door embeds two layers of protection.

  1. Disposable cutlery

When you want to avoid germs spreading from cutlery, it’s not always easy to wash up or load your dishwasher while guests are still present.

One way to avoid this pitfall is to host indoor picnics instead of formal dinners.

They’re much more relaxed and fun — but the best part is that you can dole out single-use cups, plates and saucers that are simply disposed of afterwards.

If you stock up on disposable cutlery from Nisbets, you might never have to wash dishes again.

  1. Throws

If you’ve splashed out on an expensive sofa set, you probably flinch whenever a clumsy guest sits down to eat or drink.

But after you invest in covers from the sofa throw company, you can relax — when accidents happen, the throws take the brunt of the punishment and can be removed and washed with ease.

These five household items for clean freaks will keep your home pristine — and anyone who makes it into your inner sanctum after this rigmarole should be regarded as a true friend.

What are the household cleaning items you can’t do without? Share your stories in the comments section.


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