A Guide to Building Sexual Confidence


Most people will go through a period of abstinence at some point in their life, which might be through choice or circumstance. Common causes include difficulty meeting the right person, breaking up with a partner, or experiencing grief. However, some people may commit to a celibate lifestyle.

After many months or years of sexual inactivity, you might feel insecure about sex with another person. However, you can take various steps to get your mojo back. Read this guide to building sexual confidence.

Learn About Your Likes and Dislikes

Most sexologists will encourage people to explore their likes and dislikes in the bedroom. If you can pinpoint the touches and techniques that bring you pleasure, you will feel more confident to take control in the bedroom. It will help you guide your partner easily while ensuring you have a positive experience.

Don’t Focus on Your Performance

Performance pressure can make sex feel awkward and drain all enjoyment. Many people get too caught up in their attractiveness, which stops them from being present in the moment. Rather than worrying about your weight, shape, or appearance, focus on the act of lovemaking. When insecurity strikes, focus your full attention on your partner and the sensations. Many people are attracted to confidence and freedom in the bedroom, which is why you must ignore your insecurities and focus on connecting with your partner.

Brush Up Your Knowledge

If you lack confidence in the bedroom, improve your sexual knowledge. Take the time to learn about different positions, techniques, and toys to increase pleasure for yourself and your partner.

A substantial amount of content is available online to learn different tactics, techniques, and tools that will help you develop a more open mind, an extensive knowledge, and greater confidence underneath the sheets. For example, you can watch videos, read seductive quotes, or learn about the various Kama Sutra positions.

Communicate with Your Partner

Good communication is crucial during sex. Avoid awkward moments by articulating your wants and needs to a partner, lead with your hands, and inform them when they are making the right moves. Tell them without criticizing if they are performing a move you don’t like. It will prove you know what you want in the bedroom, which is an attractive trait that may get their heart racing.

Fake It Until You Make It

Most people feel awkward and insecure during sex, especially during the first encounter. If you’re worried about appearing shy or awkward, fake confidence until you feel it. Your partner probably feels the same way as you, too. You will soon feel happier in your appearance and performance, which will boost your confidence between the sheets.

Building sexual confidence can take time, but various tactics can speed up the process, from gaining a better understanding of your body to communicating your wants and needs to a partner. Also, brush up on your knowledge to boost your know-how in the bedroom and develop a more open mind.