A teacup chair to remove your restlessness


Living in a cup is normally attributed to the tea bags, however it can spread to humans if we do it with a chair-cup as you can see in the picture below.

Teacup Chair
Teacup Chair

There is a phrase that is used very much in thrillers that says something like “someone shifted uncomfortably in his chair.” That phrase can acquire another character if we apply it to the saddle cup. The result could be “shifted in his chair, a spoonful of sugar burst and drank. Was noted bitter, but when he wanted to throw another spoonful, it was too late.”

Although, of course, keep in mind that purchasing furniture and making bad jokes can only guarantee that home visits are limited to a first time and also can be very short visits. Since then we have to use the chair to place coffee cups and talk to them which is sad, tender and poetic. Just like Van Damme‘s filmography.