Alpha Brain: A Memory Supplement that Actually Works


In an article on ABC News, experts have commented on the need to welcome new methods of developing brain function, and this includes memory supplements. There is a rising demand for such brain enhancement pills, not just among middle-aged working people, who have to work in a multi-tasking environment, but also students who are coping with huge pressures in academia, and people who show symptoms of cognitive impairments, associated with aging.

With a wide range of nootropic pills flooding the market, users have to be extra cautious about which product they choose. Thankfully, there are sites that provide unbiased and comprehensive reviews on these products. Smart Pill Guide, is one such site, which reviews Alpha Brain, a product developed by Onnit Labs, as one of the most effective Nootropic stacks available today.

Alpha Brain

Developed in 2010, the product is backed by ample clinical findings, which show it is effective in improving mental focus and cognitive abilities. Alpha Brain reviews have mostly been positive, owing to its use of a wide range of natural ingredients, including Bacopa, which improves memory function, and Cat’s claw, which is rich in anti-oxidants and has immune boosting properties. Oat’s straw, another ingredient in Alpha Brain, present in a highly concentrated form, helps to curb exhaustion and neurological stress.

Apart from these, there are other beneficial nutrients, such as amino acids and Vitamin B6, also present in the pill. The recommended dosage is 2 capsules in the morning or afternoon, to be taken with a light meal. One can also take two capsules at night, 4-6 hours before sleeping, as well. The maximum dosage is no more than 3 capsules a day.

The product contains no stimulants. The ingredients work to directly stimulate the neurotransmitters in the brain to help us stay focused and alert.

Clinical Data

In 2015, the Journal of Human Psychopharmacology published a study, conducted by Boston University School of Medicine. The study was a randomized, parallel placebo controlled, double-blind research, which proved that Alpha Brain has proven benefits in improving mental focus, learning capabilities and brain wave patterns. There was reportedly a 12% increase in the verbal recall factor over the placebo group, and a 21% faster completion time in executing tasks as compared to the baseline.

The memory supplement is backed by several other clinical trials, which prove that these brain enhancement pills help in achieving greater speed of cognitive processing.

In a study titled “Effects of the Nootropic Compound Alpha Brain on ERP and EEG Measures of Cognitive Performance,” published in the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference, in June 2015, it was reported that a single dose of Alpha Brain led to a record 26 millisecond faster processing time, in detecting the target stimuli, when compared to a single dosage of placebo.


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