Coolest apps to earn you some extra money


In this smartphone age, there are apps we can download to our phones to do practically anything, from social media to business transactions and from choosing investments to playing games.

But did you know there are also plenty of apps out there that can make you some handy extra income? Here are some of the coolest money-making apps you can download today.

Photo selling apps

There are billions of webpages out there online, with thousands more being added literally every minute. Every one of them requires some sort of image, and many have several. The people behind Foap cottoned on to the fact that in this age of everyone owning a smartphone we are in the habit of of taking thousands of photos, and they brought together supply and demand. You can charge what you like for your pictures, and Foap will simply split the proceeds with you.

Money gaming apps

Surely anyone who thinks casino games are a way to make money is setting himself up for a fall – after all, the house always wins, right? Not necessarily. The gaming sector is crowded and competitive, meaning sites are offering all sorts of bonuses and incentives. It’s worth keeping up to date with the latest news about free spins on to find out about the very latest offers. After all, it becomes much less of a gamble when you are playing with free money!

Survey apps

Filling out surveys for rewards is nothing new – in fact it is something many of us remember our parents and grandparents doing long before anyone had heard of the internet or a smartphone app. Today, there are more options around than ever. Knowledge is power in the big data age, and research firms will pay you for your time in providing valuable information. Having said that, you are never going to get rich taking surveys, and you might wonder if it is really worth the time. That’s where sites like Swagbucks make a difference. Once registered, you can do as few or as many surveys as you like, but with the add-on app, you will also find yourself earning bonus points just by visiting sites or making online purchases. Even if you never fill out a survey in your life, it is worth installing. i-say mobile is another option that works on similar principles and offers lucrative points bonuses when you buy from companies like Amazon or iTunes.

Apps for selling things

Yes, we all know about Gumtree, eBay and so on, but who really enjoys taking the photos, writing the adverts and then dealing with the jokers and timewasters? There are specialist apps for particular products whereby all you need to do is scan your item and you’ll be connected with a range of buyers. For example, Bookscouter will get immediate prices for your old books at the scan of a barcode, while Cash Your Laptop is a great and hassle-free tool for making money from your unwanted tech.