Do’s and don’ts on a job interview


The majority of job interviews, regardless of what position they concern, have some codes to success. Bearing them in mind certainly increases the chances to create the best image possible in the future employer dramatically and therefore the possibility to get the position you want. Here are some of the most important of them.

  • Don’t nag. Avoid phrases that will make you look negative or grumpy and try not to say how difficult it is to find a job these days. Your potential employer does not care so much.
  • Dress appropriately. Your appearance should be flawless as far as cleanliness, personal care and of course the appropriate choice of clothes are concerned.
  • Don’t make negative comments about previous employers, supervisors, colleagues, etc. This is by no means offers you extra points.
  • Look your interviewer right in the eyes and before you start chatting, have a firm and confident handshake with him (if your hands are wet, clean them beforehand with a wipe).

    Dress to success
    Dress to success
  • Don’t ask something you should have known about the company, for example, information that you may well learn from the website. If you do, you look careless and unprepared and that is a lethal combination for an employee.
  • Sit straight in the chair and not cross-legged, as this will show that you have confidence and good manners.
  • Don’t chatter and do not tell lies. In an interview, apart from your skills your character is assessed too, so it is very important to give clear and concise answers truthfully, whatever the questions will be.

    Show your confidence
    Show your confidence
  • Highlight your experience with specific examples. This will allow you to differentiate yourself in relation to other candidates
  • Don’t bargain right from the start. If they choose you, you can negotiate your salary, but in no case should you mention it during the interview.
  • Do some research in advance for your future employer and company, and ask for things that you did not find answers for.
  • Don’t be negative. Your behavior should show an employee who would be pleasant to collaborate with.
  • Shake the hand of your interviewer looking into his eyes when the interview is finished. It shows confidence and kindness.
  • Don’t bring your parents, friends, acquaintances or your wife along. If you are not mature enough to go by yourself in an interview, you probably do not need to go at all.

    Thats a firm handshake
    That’s a firm handshake

By +Nikos Kontorigas


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