Electronic Cigarette Usage Triples in Two Years


E-cigarettes have become increasingly popular in recent years with the number of people using them in the UK thought to now be over 2 million. But why are they so popular?

Electronic cigarettes are battery operated and work by heating an e-liquid inside the device until it vapourises. You can then inhale and exhale the water-based vapour in a similar way to smoking a traditional cigarette. These electronic devices still offer a nicotine ‘hit’ that smokers often crave. An alternative to smoking, they do not contain tobacco and there is no burning tar involved meaning there are fewer of the dangerous chemicals associated with tobacco cigarettes.

The vapour released when using an e-cig is virtually odourless, there is no smoke smell when you are vaping and you don’t get any yellow staining on your hands or teeth like you do with a conventional cigarette. It has an appearance similar to smoke so often people mistake electronic cigarettes for tobacco cigarettes.

Electronic Cig
Electronic Cig

Intellicig e-cigarettes contain ECOpure e-liquid one of the purest and cleanest on the market. Manufactured and tested in their UK lab, you can vape in confidence. ECOpure is made with just three high quality ingredients including pharmaceutical grade nicotine and is available in a range of strengths. There is a wide range of e-cigarette models available from disposables that offer the convenience of throwing them away after they are empty, to more cost-effective rechargeable and refillable models.

E-cigarettes are not affected by the UK smoking ban because they do not contain tobacco. This means that legally you are free to vape indoors and in public places. No more standing outside in the cold and rain during winter to smoke. However, it is always recommended that you ask first before vaping indoors. Some pubs and bars have banned their use inside, at the moment it is up to individual businesses whether or not they allow the use of e-cigs inside. There is also no current Europe-wide legislation regarding their use so if you are planning on taking your e-cigarette abroad this summer then it is worth checking what your chosen holiday destinations policy is.

So with their usage tripling in just two years it looks like these electronic devices are going to continue to grow in popularity and provide smokers with an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Named as one of the ten technologies predicted to change the world, who knows how many people could be using them in another two years!


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