Feng Shui in your car


Have you ever wondered how much time do you spend in your car? Residents of large cities are usually in their car for about two hours each day on average. Some changes in the Feng Shui of the car can make this time much more enjoyable and pleasant, more efficient while helping significantly to road safety at the same time. Follow these tips and you can bring a perfect balance in your car.

Make driving a pleasnt experience
Make driving a pleasnt experience

Get your car in order

Create a harmonious environment inside your car and make sure there is order and cleanliness. What does this mean? Do not leave trash in the various car bins you may have, do not litter its mats and do not fill the cup holders with useless things. Tidy your glove box and have interior cleanings frequently so that the atmosphere in your car is clean and pleasant. Use your favourite car scent too. If you do all these, you will soon find a pleasant change in your mood and it will help you set up the mood when going to work.

You are going spend lots of time on it, so make it worthwhile
You are going spend lots of time on it, so make it worthwhile

Glass always clean

Make sure all the windows of the car are always clean and in good condition. When driving, the windows represent essentially our eyes and for this reason it is important to be clean. The clear vision leads to a cleaner future and decisions are governed by pure crisis.

Wash your car frequently

Keep the exterior of your car always clean. Appearences has a great effect in maintaining a good mood. If your finances allow you to, make sure you repair every minor damage that occasionally appears.

Make it shiny!
Make it shiny!

When driving, drink water

Most drivers drink coffee during driving. But water is a vital element of feng shui so it is much more useful. It ensures a smooth flow while driving and helps you avoid frustration when you get caught up in traffic. It is also a shield of protection against devices that emit electromagnetic energy when driving, such as your mobile phone.

Listen to music that suits you

You are the driver and it is important for you to feel good in your car. So select the music that fits your mood strikes. It’s up to you to decide on the music you are going to listen to when driving, so do not listen to the other passengers. You can be compromising at times but remember that as long as you are the one driving, you are also the one who needs to be satisfied the most.

By +Nikos Kontorigas


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