How could technology change your working day?


Technology already shapes the way we go about our work. Whether you’re based in an office, a shop, a construction site or any other environment, you’ll almost certainly rely on a host of sophisticated systems to get on with your tasks.

But how could further advances in tech drive changes to your working day? This was the issue that TalkTalk Business, provider of leased lines and a variety of other connectivity solutions, focussed on in its recent ‘Workforces 2025’ infographic. Keep reading to discover some of the top insights it provided…

Remote meetings

Nearly a quarter of people polled on behalf of TalkTalk Business (24%) predicted that they will be attending and participating in virtual events and conferences within the next 10 years. This remote networking could even take place during car journeys to work. Driverless vehicles are already on our roads, albeit still in the testing phase. Before long, it’s likely that this technology will be rolled out on a wide scale, potentially revolutionising the way we travel to work.

The infographic points to a theoretical example of someone using smart glasses and a real-time virtual reality system to go on a construction site visit while they’re in fact en route to work. So, whether it’s signing into a virtual meeting during your daily commute or checking into a conference being held thousands of miles away, remote networking could become a bigger part of working life in the coming years.

A virtual assistant on hand to help

Having a real-life personal secretary to help you with your work might be a pipedream, but technology can give you the next best thing. More than one in 10 survey respondents said they would like to use virtual assistants such as Siri or Alexa more often in their roles. From taking down dictation and emailing or texting colleagues or customers to booking travel arrangements, virtual assistants could be widely used for a whole range of tasks in the near future.

Keeping tabs on your health and productivity

From activity trackers like Fitbits to smart watches, we’re getting used to wearing tech that measures our health – and this might be something we come to expect at work. Two-thirds of people polled for the TalkTalk Business infographic said they would be comfortable wearing a device to monitor their health while performing their roles. Perhaps surprisingly, 53% said they would be comfortable letting this technology keep tabs on their productivity at work, as long as it’s them doing the monitoring.

These are just some of the ways in which technology could transform our daily lives at work. When it comes to the future of employment, it’s a case of watch this space…


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