Interesting Infographic On The History Of Wearables


Sometime in the last few years, wearable technology went from a novelty that was only used by a handful to tech enthusiasts to mainstream fashion statement. How exactly did that happen?

Despite what it might look like, it didn’t happen overnight. It actually took decades. It all started in the ‘70s, when the very first digital watch was released. Since then, companies have tried to create devices that people can use (and wear) every day. Most were flops. But as technology improved and companies got a better idea of what people wanted in wearables, startups and giant companies started producing hits like the FitBit and the Apple Watch.

For more history, check out this infographic from Wearable Zone. It tells the story of how wearables went from cool gadgets purchased by early adopters to devices that almost everyone uses.

The History Of Wearables
The History Of Wearables


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