Movavi Video Editor – An Awesome Tool for Editing Videos


Movavi Video Editor offers you a great platform to create splendid movies and edit them with cool transitions, titles and special effects to step up the multimedia vibe. Editing your videos with this cool software is effortless requiring no earlier video editing knowledge. The best thing about this tool is that it includes a diverse knowledge base for learning, online guides and tutorials to help you get comfortable with the creation of movies, keeping the learning curve short.

The free video editor tool for Windows (Costs only $39.95 for full version) has an intuitive user interface with a cornucopia of editing features that provide you with great flexibility and control over the video content, quality, flow, and the creativity.


Want to share an awesome family movie with your friends and dear ones? Use the Youtube integration functionality from the software to instantly upload your movie and artwork to the video sharing hub and have fun watching it online or market the video to promote your business. The video editor provides support for a variety of popular input/output formats so that you can import different types of media formats and save your edited movie in the video format you prefer for easy viewing on different mobile devices. It’s an easy to use, interactive software allowing you to add snazzy backgrounds, awesome audio clips, music, transitions and video clips from the internal video editor library. You can also use the quality enhancement and movie stabilization features to refine various sections of your video and eradicate any distorted motion.

The movie editing software has a built in support for Intel Hardware Acceleration that enables you to search and edit video without any lag adding to a great video editing experience. Other features of Movavi video editor include:

  • Video Editor Library stacked with video clips, backgrounds, music, and sound to be added to movies
  • Video Stabilization and Picture in Picture Feature
  • Beat Detection feature that auto-detects audio rhythm to infuse sync for your movie tempo
  • Audio Editing tools to fix the audio frequency, normalize audio and eliminate noise
  • Audio Recording feature allowing you to extract sound from musical instruments
    and record your own voiceover using the microphone
  • Webcam capture feature to include captured clips in your movie

User Tips

Using the interface menu available in the editor, follow these steps:

  • Add the videos or clips that you wish to edit in order to create a movie
  • Add transitions, music, required audio clips, titles and special effects
  • Use high end features like Video Quality Enhancement and Stabilization and Webcam Capture feature to perfect the flow and motion
  • Save the movie in a popular output format and share it on Youtube if needed

Download the awesome Movavi Video Editor for free and start creating splendid movies in an instant.


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