Q&A: A guide to laser printers and how they can benefit your office


There’s an awful lot to think about when setting up an office for a small business, but one of the most important things to consider is what type of printing strategy to go for.

guide to laser printers

Although some analysts have predicted the paperless office is soon going to become a reality for many companies, this appears to be some way off and the vast majority of members of staff will still need to print documents on a regular basis.

However, with employees increasingly asking to be able to work from home or do different hours from the traditional working day, having good network connectivity is also going to be vital.

Research has shown most firms are even still printing documents just to get them signed, so picking the right A3 colour laser printers is going to be a key decision when setting up an office.

Choosing the wrong one could lead to many years of wastage and result in a lot of extra money being spent by a company, so it is vital to take time over the choice and select the right one.

What to consider before purchasing

With so many laser printers available on the market – and at a very wide range of prices – it can be hard to know where to start when picking a device for the office.

It’s important to work out exactly what the company needs from a colour laser printer before moving forward with a purchase, with various factors needing to be considered.

These include the cost of maintenance for the printer, as well as its capacity and printing speed, size, weight and the network connectivity it offers to the office.

Setting a budget is also important as devices can be expensive, although the costlier models tend to come with extra functionality and more features, so they can be worth the added money.

Benefits of laser printers

One of the major advantages of A3 colour laser printers for businesses is that they can be very quick, which can be ideal for a small firm that needs to access documents swiftly.

Another is that they are cheap to run and maintain once they have been set up, so the company will not have to worry too much about the cost of the printer once it has been installed.

Precision is also among the vital advantages of colour laser printers and why so many small businesses choose to have one of these as their main device in the office.

Firms will have to pay a premium if they want their printer to be able to handle A3 and A4 documents, but this extra flexibility can be vital to a small company that needs their devices to be able to do several different things.

Selecting the right printer

Once you’ve thought about the budget you have for your A3 colour laser printer and the functionality your office is going to need from it, you’re ready to purchase one.

We have a wide range of A3 colour laser printers at OKI that are suitable for the smallest of micro-businesses right up to busy companies needing a device that can handle a really heavy workload at a low running cost.

Models such as the C822 and the C9850 represent each end of the scale and companies investing in one of our devices can be assured that they offer high quality printing along with the ability to handle large volumes of work.

Choosing the right colour laser printer for the office can be a big decision, so it is well worth taking some time to decide exactly what type of device would be the most suitable for the firm.


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