Safest Places to Visit in Mexico


Mexico is at the top of most travelers’ bucket lists, whether they’re looking for a family-friendly escape or want to tear up the town with their pals on spring break. Yet, as popular as it is, many people fear visiting the country. After all, Mexico doesn’t have the best reputation across the board. That doesn’t mean you can’t travel safely in Mexico – you just have to be strategic about where you end up. 

With that in mind, the safest places to visit in Mexico include: Cancun (for those who want a beachy destination), Merida (for those who prefer cityscapes), Cozumel (a perfect island getaway), and Sayulita (the ideal choice for laidback adventures).

Are you ready to plan your safe vacay viva la Mexico? Then keep reading to find out which places are deemed “safe” and be prepared for your next adventure

What Are the Safest Places to Visit in Mexico? 

Mexico is undeniably a place with exquisite colors, incredible architecture, and tasty fare, but there are also areas known for their infamous crime rates. To ensure a safe trip, consider one of these safe destinations in Mexico.

1. Cancun (Best for Beach Vacations)

When you think of beaches in Mexico, one of the first names that come to mind is Cancun. Cancun has long been the “it” spot for beach vacations. The beaches offer spectacular waves of turquoise blue alongside fine white sand, creating breathtaking scenery you won’t want to leave.

Undeniably, Cancun is the number one location for those seeking a safe beachy vacation. Plus, it’s riddled with glamorous resorts (some of which are all-inclusive), making it an easy spot to enjoy all the bells and whistles without too much planning.

Cancun isn’t all about the beaches, though (although plenty of visitors will definitely agree it’s the focal point). Guests can enjoy snorkeling adventures, a shopping spree at La Isla Shopping Village, and take a step back in time by visiting the ruins at Zona Arqueologica El Rey

2. Merida (Ideal Spot for City Dwellers)

For those who prefer to head inland and enjoy the city life, Merida is the top choice. Merida is the capital of Yucatán and is referred to as “The White City” due to the beautiful white-stone buildings nestled along Paseo Montejo. It’s also known for its colonial architecture and rich Mayan history.

A visit to Merida means enjoying gorgeous scenery in a bustling city setting. Due to its strategic location, history, and atmosphere, there’s something for everyone to enjoy – all while being safe. After all, Merida is widely known as the safest city in Mexico.

There’s plenty to enjoy during your vacation to Merida. Start by exploring some historical sites and museums, including the Chichen Itza and Paseo de Montejo. Then, head outdoors and get your fix of Mother Nature with a visit to the historical Dzibilchaltun and exciting Celestun Wildlife Refuge, known for its influx of pink flamingos.

3. Cozumel (For Island Escapes)

Cozumel is located off the Yucatan Peninsula and will require a ferry ride from Playa del Carmen to get there. (Oh, and by the way – Playa del Carmen is another safe spot to travel to in Mexico!)

Cozumel is known for being a breathtaking island with jaw-dropping views in every direction – especially if you take your trek under the sea. With the second-largest reef system in the world (known as the MesoAmerican Reef System) and an extensive collection of coral and sea life offering premier visibility, it’s a hot spot for those who wish to snorkel. 

If you’re not into snorkeling, there are plenty of other exciting things on the island. Enjoy a submarine or boat trip. Or, stay on land and check out Mayan architectural sites or munch on the delicious foods the area offers. When all is said and done, dance it off in one of the vibrant beach clubs.

4. Sayulita (Best for Laid Back Vacations)

There are many areas in Mexico known for the “party scene.” That’s great and all, but for those who want to ditch the crowds and enjoy a quiet and rejuvenating weekend in splendor, Sayulita may be the ideal option.

Sayulita is built for tourism, so locals are quite nice to visitors. And although this charming town may be referred to as a bit sleepy, there are still many opportunities. For example, you can enjoy a tour of the Islas Marietas, hike through the local jungle, or learn about Huichol Culture.

Mexico is Calling Your Name

When it comes to traveling to Mexico, there are plenty of excellent (and safe) spots to visit. Whether you’re looking for a buzzing beachside resort or a more relaxing area on an island, you can find it in Mexico.