Six things intelligent people do

Intelligent people do not live their life randomly but, through their daily habits, have a different and more guided approach on it. From an early age, they set goals which they accomplish through the organization of their entire 24-hour options. Besides, it is no coincidence that two of the smartest famous people today are Natalie Portman, who has graduated from the Harvard University and is considered one of the smartest new actors and Quentin Tarantino with an IQ of 160. Every intelligent person, subconsciously, has the following habits.

IQ: 160!

IQ: 160!

They set ambitious goals and accomplish them

The majority of people have dreams, but the intelligent ones are full of ambitions and realistic goals. Their mind unconsciously moves forward so they do not lose their interest in things. Unlike the others, they are not looking for the quick and easy way to the top. In other words, they break their goals to smaller ones and work on them separately. So slowly, they climb the ladder to success and are unlikely to fall to the ground.

The way to the top, one step at a time

The way to the top, one step at a time

They are the best listeners

Nowadays you can hardly find anyone who is a good listener! Intelligence shows in the fact that in any discussion there is a valuable dose of wisdom. They do not act high and mighty, but rather they listen to they are talking to with a desire to learn something new or to expand their way of thinking.

It's not about who says what, it's the point that counts

It’s not about who says what, it’s the point that counts

They give emphasis to the ideas and not to the listener

Smart people do not focus on whether a listener is boring, ugly or at a certain political party. What they do care about is how they affect their knowledge. So, they welcome any food for thought objectively and let no one influence them or have control over them.

They act proactively and not recklessly

Smart people do not make decisions easily but think of every possibility before say yes to something. This foresight sets them apart from the crowd. Their every move is followed by a right thought, so when they make mistakes, they learn from them and do not nag about it 24/7! Besides, there isn’t a single smart businessman who has never made mistakes before he succeeds.

They do not get discouraged on the first failure

A lot of people, once they fail on something, they get discouraged or stop following their dreams. Smart people, however, will always find a solution that will overtake the obstacle, so they are optimistic and not negative. Even if they fail miserably, they know how to stand on their feet and make a new start.

They benefit from their curiosity

Several people are naturally curious and make a lot of questions, mainly because of their need for new information. That is why their best friends with search engines. They are constantly searching for answers and look for new things to learn in others.

By +Nikos Kontorigas

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