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A new type of charger has been created that can charge the battery of a smartphone within 30 seconds. This technological advancement belongs to StoreDot, a technology company based in Israel. It is a device that promises to recharge your phone with energy in a flash, even if you are traveling to exotic locations and do not have access to a power outlet! The miracle- charger was presented at the conference of Microsoft «Think Next Conference» in Tel Aviv, recharging at 100%  an empty battery of a Samsung S4 in just 26 seconds!

Full recharge in 26''
Full recharge in 26”

Researchers speak of a battery pack that will take the next step and advance using tiny magnets, the “nanodots“. However, the company explains that the product will not be available on the market before 2016,  since some changes are required on the size, as it has a similar size and  shape of a laptop charger. Of course, after being funded with 6,25 million dollars, the start-up firm is able to change the future of the charging proccess of smartphones, tablets, TVs or even biomedical devices.

StoreDot Ultra fast charger
StoreDot Ultra fast charger

The expected time needed to reduce its size is estimated to be a year, and  two years’ time is needed to have ongoing rates of energy and performance of the battery. To put it in an other way, it is expected to hit the market in three years, as a complete product, and all these according to dr. Doron Myersdorf, founder of StoreDot. It is worth mentioning that the charger uses biological semiconductors that are manufactured from natural organic elements, the peptides. Thus, the charger exploits the chains of amino acids and gives energy in less than a minute.

Natural organic elements
Natural organic elements

The interest shown about StoreDot was quite large as you need a period of 2 hours to fully recharge your device. It’s no use comparing it to the approx. 1 minute StoreDot needs! The estimated cost of the device, of course, is expected to be twice that of a classic phone charger. Well, things like this are worth paying for though!

Totally worth it!
Totally worth it!

By +Nikos Kontorigas


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