The Nissan Leaf hits the 100,000 sales mark


If anyone had doubts that electric cars had a sustainable future they may need to revise their opinion as Nissan have now sold their 100,000th Leaf since the global launch in December 2010. In addition to reaching this milestone the Leaf also experienced its highest annual sales in 2013 and figures have increased year on year since its initial release.

In some countries the electric car has actually surpassed conventional car sales and in Norway the Leaf was the bestselling car for the month of October. The lucky 100,000 Leaf owner hails from the UK and is a dentist by the name of Dr Brett Garner who has also embraced the idea of greener travel and a more sustainable transport option.

Technology and auto manufacturers have recently focused largely on creating greener, more eco-friendly options and the Leaf is a prime example of how when a company commits to a project it can cause a revolution. “Mobile casino sites and other mobile services have also been the focus of green technology and people are being encouraged to adapt their lifestyle to include more sustainable forms of entertainment and travel. Nissan is planning on expanding their EV range into the commercial market and the launch of the e-NV200 is set for release in 2014.”

Nissan’s focus has gone beyond traditional petroleum and fossil fuelled products and the success of the Leaf has shown other car manufacturers that the consumer market is ready for an alternative energy option. The Leafs low running costs and style is appealing to many and its 84-mile EPA-rated range is more than many other EV cars currently available. Nissan touts the Leaf as the ideal car for everyday commutes and many drivers have applauded its virtues and said not only is it an eco-friendly, sustainable transport option, it is also comfortable and stylish inside.

The Leaf is now on sale in 35 countries across the globe and Nissan is expecting sales of their EV car to continue to rise as environmental consciousness increases globally.

Nissan Leaf