Top tips for sprucing up your office


You don’t want to work in a drab office, do you? Of course you don’t.

As you bang away at your computer keys on your daily nine-to-five grind, the last thing you want when you peel your eyes away from your monitor is the dark grey hue of a miserable workplace.

sprucing up your office

It’s just a bit grim, really – an office without a little bit of life can decrease motivation and worker morale.

What you really want is a few ways to turn that office with the atmosphere of a funeral parlour into a workplace that’s awash with fun and productivity. There’s a wealth of ways to make your office a more enjoyable place to work, transforming your sluggish staff into more efficient workers in the process.

Here are just a few tips on how to spruce up your office to happiness.

Go “green” in your workplace

Now that the environment is a major concern for many people, the “green” look has become the go-to style for the workplace. Whether it’s office plants, recycling programmes or an energy-efficiency programme, a more environmentally conscious area will make your employees feel like they aren’t being wasteful when they work.

You’d be amazed at how much the average office worker consumes – approximately a quarter ton of material in a year, including 10,000 sheets of copy paper. It’s a staggering sum, so make sure you can compensate for it, saving the environment while making a profit.

Bring some joy with the sound of music

While not everyone’s music taste is the same, there’s rarely been an office that hasn’t been brightened up by a little non-invasive music.

Naturally, all fans of death metal being played at a hundred decibels will be disappointed in their office’s music taste, but if you can plug up any morale-depleting silences in your working day, your employees will be all the better for it.

Show off your artistic side

Have you ever seen some of the dire “aspirational” posters that offices put up in an attempt to coax their employees into action? As a rule, they’re soulless motivational phrases like “climb the mountain of victory” that could realistically only spark the minds of the lobotomised.

Bear this in mind – there’s nothing wrong with an office having a personality. When decorating your workplace, find pieces of art, corporate or otherwise, that you actually like, and the enthusiasm of your décor will project onto your employees.

Champion your office and all its achievements

Won any awards? Have any of your employees achieved something spectacular? Then don’t be afraid to show it off.

Air your achievements for all to see with a wall covered with any awards, certificates or other accomplishments your business can lay claim to. Not only will this let your employees know that they’re in a top quality workplace, but visiting clients will know that they’re doing business with a company that’s always striving for excellence.


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