Traveling With Your Dog


Bringing your pets with you on trips doesn’t just add to the fun, it also eliminates the worry in not knowing what’s going on with your cat or dog while you’re out on the road. However, pet travel is something that needs extensive preparation and for this, you’ll have to do your assignment.

Crating Your Pet

You might feel bad about putting your pet in a crate but know that most pets don’t really mind and may even feel safer being in one. An essential thing you must ensure though is to keep your pet well-exercised prior to crating. If he’s used up his extra energy, he’ll be more likely to rest. Also, keep the crate clear of anything that can cause harm such as loose collars and leashes.


Driving With Dogs

Avoid feeding your dog too much before driving out. Don’t feed while you are on the move either as this can trigger motion sickness. Should you wish to feed your dog some treats, do it on breaks and choose protein-rich food.

Air Travel

First thing’s first: check airline rules with regards to pet travel. You may be mandated to present health certificate and submit requirements you will need to prepare ahead of time.

And if your dog won’t be with you in the main cabin, try not to create a huge goodbye scene. Be calm and your dog will be too.


Choosing a Hotel

You will have to stay in a hotel that allows pets, for sure. It would be ideal to find one that’s located near a park for your much-needed dog activities. This way, if your dog starts barking and howling in your room, you can quickly take him out for exercise and calm him down.

Traveling with your pet can be a real fun experience if you make sure you are as ready as possible wherever you wish to go. Be calm and assertive. Keep your dog well-exercised and you will have the best travel companion you can ask for.


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