Watch the Coolest Movies From Home – Chili Arrives in the UK


You can watch the newest and most popular movies and series right now! Check. You can watch them from home! Check. You can watch them from any smart device! Check. You don’t have to pay for a subscription! Check!

Cool, right? Cool is exactly what Chili is. This innovative movie streaming service is all cinephiles have dreamed of and what’s more, the service recently launched in the United Kingdom.

That’s right, up till now the platform was available in Italy where it was founded, Germany, Poland, Austria and now it’s finally made it’s way into the UK streaming service market, promising to be a big contender in the field.

One of the biggest pros of Chili that make it so cool is that you only pay for what you watch. You’re not constantly paying even if you’re not watching anything. This is extremely convenient for people who end up being very busy certain months so they end up watching very few movies while other months they watch a lot. A monthly subscription would not be ideal for those people.

But besides the pay-per-view model, Chili has teamed up with some of the biggest producers and labels in the movie, getting access to a vast gallery of films and first hand information about the newest flicks and trailers.

You can also use the service from any of your smart devices, whether that is a Smart TV, a computer or even a tablet or smartphone. What’s best is that you can use it on all of them and you don’t have to pick a single one. You can connect your account with up to 5 different devices.

The first movie you watch using the service is for free, so you lose nothing testing the service to see if it’s what you’re looking for. Give it a try and let us know your thoughts in the comments!