What Makes Great Mentors Great?


Mentors play crucial roles in many people’s lives. From entrepreneurs to stay-at-home moms, everyone can use a great mentor in their lives. But how do you know if a mentor is great or not? Here are some traits that tell you you’ve got a fantastic coach:

They are immensely confident.

A true mentor is confident in her own skin. He does not see his mentees as a threat to his career. But to really avoid running into a mentor who might be threatened by you, it helps to choose one who is from another industry or background. Office politics and general business usually transcend industries, which is why you don’t necessarily have to choose someone who has the same profession as you.

Female friends talking outdoors

They are self-aware.

To simply put, someone who knows and understands how they were able to succeed with their endeavors are better equipped to teach you how to succeed with yours. This is why experts recommend that people should look for mentors based on wisdom, not title.

They generously offer their time and resources.

A great mentor is someone who climbed up the corporate ladder because of their generosity and compassion and not someone who doesn’t like paying it forward. Additionally, find someone who deliberately shares their experience and advice to help others. But it’s also important that you set realistic expectations regarding the time your life or business coach can spend with you to ensure you don’t take advantage of his kindness.


They value honesty.

Generally, tough love works better than “cheerleading”. This means that a straightforward and honest mentor would be more effective than someone who is flowery with their words and beats around the bush.

They have a different perspective.

Although it might be more comfortable to work with someone who seems like a better version of yourself, it will do you more good if you have a mentor who brings a different point of view. This is because you will be interacting with people from different backgrounds and with diverse personalities.