Why a garden shed is a great investment


The garden is often now viewed as an extension of a property, and treating the area as a useful space can attract buyers, add value and make your home more practical. Keep reading to find out how adding a garden shed to your outdoor space could be a great investment.

garden shed
Storage solution

Garden sheds have, for years, had an important purpose: outdoor storage. The shed is the ideal place for keeping all manner of goods you don’t want to store in your house, or haven’t got room for. Dirty, dangerous gardening items like secateurs, playthings like children’s scooters, the family’s fitness equipment and old pots of paints you’re keeping for DIY jobs can all be kept outside in the shed, away from the elements. It’s also possible to find sheds designed for specific uses, such as storing logs, bicycles or tools. Click here to view a wide range of sheds in all shapes and sizes.

A flexible room

In addition to being a handy place for storing garden implements and outdoor toys, the traditional garden shed is increasingly being transformed into usable space. A potting shed, an art studio and a home office are just a few of the ways you can put a shed to good use. Alternatively, you could convert the outhouse into a relaxation space by installing a portable heater, placing a comfy chair and some cushions inside and taking in a battery-powered lamp and a good book.

Added value

The garden can add value to the sale price of a property and, for many people, the inclusion of a shed might sway the appeal of the space. Keen gardeners, families and individuals looking for somewhere to indulge a hobby will all see the potential a shed has to offer. However, it’s worth investing in a modern shed that adds to the appeal of the garden; a dilapidated old outhouse may do the opposite. If you already have a shed in situ that is in relatively good condition, consider giving it a fresh treatment to prevent rot and checking that it’s still watertight.

A hobby space

Another way many people use their garden shed is to indulge a pastime they enjoy. If there’s enough space, you can turn the outhouse into a workshop for tinkering with electrical items or motors, or put a desk and chair in the space and do some home crafting or knitting. You could set up a model train set in the shed, use it as a stargazing lookout or even set up a home brewery.

Home from home

A roomy, modern shed can double up as a useful guest space if you haven’t got a spare room in your home and would like to have guests to stay. A few modifications might be necessary to make the shed liveable, such as some heating and light, but in the summer months this might not be so much of a concern. As long as the shed is weatherproof, clean and spacious enough for a blow-up bed or sleeping bags, your relatives or your children’s friends could always spend the night in your makeshift guest house as a temporary solution to a lack of space in your property. What’s more, the children are sure to delight in being able to entertain their friends in an exciting setting, while parents might be glad to be free of the noise and disruption that go hand-in-hand with sleepovers.


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