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Alcohol protection | The device

We are all aware that enjoying your drink in a public place, like clubs, bars or parties, can turn out to be dangerous! The people who will try to harm you can easily throw in your drink different kinds of drugs by waiting for a moment that you won’t be […]


The moderated alcohol consumption protects the heart

Moderated alcohol consumption reduces the risk of heart attacks and cardiovascular problems, according to two new scientific studies. However, it remains unclear whether all types of alcohol provide the same health benefits in humans. In this, however, agreed by the two research groups is that increased alcohol consumption increases the […]

Alcohol chart

Alcohol consumption around the world

People love to drink alcohol worldwide because it relaxes and you feel playful, always within reasonable limits. Others choose beer, some wine, some whiskey, vodka… The other top consumers of alcohol are in Moldova, and there everyone is drinking 18 liters each time. As you can see on the map, […]

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