Alcohol protection | The device


We are all aware that enjoying your drink in a public place, like clubs, bars or parties, can turn out to be dangerous! The people who will try to harm you can easily throw in your drink different kinds of drugs by waiting for a moment that you won’t be around. What we are about to talk in this article is the creation of an alcohol protection stick that promises to keep you safe. device device

A device that fits in the palm of a hand and is equipped with a special sensor that can automatically detect if your drink containes drugs, such as the so called raping pill. The device analyzes a small sample of the drink and automatically updates the user through a light if it is safe to drink or not. device device

It may even be associated with a specific application in order to be upgraded, as we constantly discover new, similar chemicals. The device is very small and is battery operated. device device

Although it is made ​​with high technology to operate effectively, it is very simple to use. The user simply dips the device in the drink and waits for a few seconds until the specific lamp LED turns on, revealing if it can be consumed safely or not, says the manufacturer. device device

A publication of MailOnline, shows that in North America 1 in 4 women is a victim of sexual assault at some point in her life. 25% of these attacks are facilitated through the use of substances known as «Date Rape Drugs», which are usually thrown in beverages.

By Nicole P.