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To Buy an iPhone 6 or Not? That Is the Question

To Buy an iPhone 6 or Not? That Is the Question

Should you buy an iPhone 6? News about its failure to pass the ‘bend test’ has probably put you off of it. But don’t give up on it right away. There are two sides of the story after all. What causes it to bend? The iPhone 6 is thin and […]

Smart Caps Lock

The best smart features by Apple

Apple products have conquered the world thanks to the quality of their design and attention to detail. Yet the average user of Apple devices often do not even see these small details, or whether they are useful only in very few of them. Some of these features offer even more […]

Beats Headphones

Apple is willing to pay 3,2 billion dollars to buy Beats

If Steve Jobs lived, the decision of Apple to pay 3.2 billion dollars to buy a company that makes fashionable headphones would not been disputed by anyone. For Apple 3.2 billion can be earned in three weeks! It is a fact that until now the tactic of acquisitions was based […]

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