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The last meteor shower of the year is not lost | The Ursids

Although the Geminids are the most famous star rains of December, the last event of this type really are Ursids that come this weekend at their peak. These are not so famous because they are not as intense as other famous showers. Observers usually see about 10 shooting stars per hour. However, sometimes the Ursids increase their activity to more than 100 meteors per hour. In order not to miss this event near the end of the year and in order to know how to observe the Ursids this time, you can follow the live streams that guide people.



The Ursids are named after the constellation from which the shooting stars seem to come: the Little Dipper which is Ursa Minor in Latin. The radiant which is the point where the effect seems to converge to the perspective trajectories of shooting stars, of this shower is the Little Dipper bowl, where the orange star is Cochab. The Ursids originate on the trail of dust left by the comet 8P/Tuttle.

Meteor Shower Time

Meteor Shower Time

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