3 Beauty Essentials for Frequent Travelers


Maintaining your everyday beauty routine on the go can be challenging. Spending time onboard a long-haul flight, having limited time to get ready in hotel rooms, and trying to get glam in between fun activities can complicate your hair, skin, and makeup routines. Whether you want to make sure you look great in photos from your next trip or just want to maintain your skin after seeking treatments from inhstl.com, here are a few travel-friendly beauty essentials you need to help you stay glam on your next trip.

Makeup Remover Wipes

Sleeping in your makeup or leaving it on for long periods of time (especially during a long-haul flight) is one of the worst things you can do to your skin. Prevent acne and other unwanted issues from arising even while traveling by bringing a pack of single-use makeup wipes with you wherever you go. Brands like Neutrogena offer small, travel-friendly single-use wipes that can easily be tucked into your purse, pocket, or wallet to ensure that your makeup can easily and efficiently be removed after a long day.

Skin Refreshing Spray

Whether your skin is feeling a little dry or full or your cakey makeup needs a quick refresh, using a skin-refreshing spray that contains ingredients like rosewater or sodium chloride can be a helpful tool. Carrying a travel-sized refreshing spray on the go can help you blend or set your makeup, hydrate your skin after swimming, sweating, or removing makeup, and give your look a quick pick-me-up after a long day of traveling or enjoying fun vacation activities.

SPF Stick

It’s no secret that you should wear SPF every day, especially when you are on vacation and partaking in frequent sun exposure; however, reapplying sunscreen on the go can be a hassle. Simplify your SPF and keep your skin protected with a travel-friendly sunscreen stick that can quickly be applied on the go, even over makeup! This mess-free application method will take all of the hard work out of protecting your skin, and will ensure that your face stays gorgeous and glowy all day long. Brands like Super Goop make SPF sticks that can fit easily in your wallet or pocket, so you can ensure that you are always ready to re-apply. Avoid painful sunburns and keep your skin looking and feeling healthy by investing in an SPF stick for your next vacation!