3 Beauty Essentials for Frequent Travelers


Maintaining your everyday beauty routine on the go can be challenging. Spending time onboard a long-haul flight, having limited time to get ready in hotel rooms, and trying to get glam in between fun activities can complicate your hair, skin, and makeup routines. Whether you want to make sure you look great in photos from your next trip or just want to maintain your skin after seeking treatments from, here are a few travel-friendly beauty essentials you need to help you stay glam on your next trip.

Makeup Remover Wipes

Sleeping in your makeup or leaving it on for long periods of time (especially during a long-haul flight) is one of the worst things you can do to your skin. Prevent acne and other unwanted issues from arising even while traveling by bringing a pack of single-use makeup wipes with you wherever you go. Brands like Neutrogena offer small, travel-friendly single-use wipes that can easily be tucked into your purse, pocket, or wallet to ensure that your makeup can easily and efficiently be removed after a long day.

Skin Refreshing Spray

Whether your skin is feeling a little dry or full or your cakey makeup needs a quick refresh, using a skin-refreshing spray that contains ingredients like rosewater or sodium chloride can be a helpful tool. Carrying a travel-sized refreshing spray on the go can help you blend or set your makeup, hydrate your skin after swimming, sweating, or removing makeup, and give your look a quick pick-me-up after a long day of traveling or enjoying fun vacation activities.

SPF Stick

It’s no secret that you should wear SPF every day, especially when you are on vacation and partaking in frequent sun exposure; however, reapplying sunscreen on the go can be a hassle. Simplify your SPF and keep your skin protected with a travel-friendly sunscreen stick that can quickly be applied on the go, even over makeup! This mess-free application method will take all of the hard work out of protecting your skin, and will ensure that your face stays gorgeous and glowy all day long. Brands like Super Goop make SPF sticks that can fit easily in your wallet or pocket, so you can ensure that you are always ready to re-apply. Avoid painful sunburns and keep your skin looking and feeling healthy by investing in an SPF stick for your next vacation!

4 Ways to Cut Back on Alcohol


Your New Year’s Resolution was to buy a house and cut back on alcohol. As you watch Black Tie Moving unload the last of your furniture, you realize you haven’t attempted to change your relationship with alcohol. Well, now is the time!

Here are 4 ways to cut back on alcohol.

Consider Your Motive

Before you start your journey of cutting back or completely abstaining from alcohol, it’s important that you consider your reason for doing so. Maybe you feel that you’ve been drinking too much, your relationships have been negatively impacted, or you find yourself less productive than you used to be. It’s common that there are multiple reasons for why you want to change your relationship with alcohol.

Write down the reasons how alcohol is negatively impacting your life. Get as detailed as you can about it. In turn, this will help keep you motivated to stick with your time off from the bottle. Whenever you feel the urge to drink, pull out your list and contemplate if it’s worth it.

Create a Game Plan

After you’ve considered your motive to want to cut back on alcohol, it’s time to come up with a plan to execute this goal. You want to make sure you have a game plan in place to keep you on track and focused on trying to drink less or not at all. You can write it out on a piece of paper or keep it in your phone. Just be sure to have it somewhere where it’s easily accessible.

You want to include how much alcohol you want to drink, what you’ll do if someone offers you alcohol, and the steps you will take to cut back entirely. Spend a considerable amount of time thinking about how drinking less will impact you. If you find that you like to drink a glass of wine when you’re writing – come up with an alternative, non-alcoholic beverage while doing so. It’s key that you analyze your triggers for wanting to drink.


Mindfulness is incredibly powerful when it comes to combating something that is challenging. It helps return you to the present moment. You’re sure to experience some stress and discomfort when you start drinking less alcohol, and mindfulness is a great way to intervene.

So often, people drink as a way to escape what they are feeling and thinking. Mindfulness will help to uncover what you’ve been running away from. While this is hard at first, it’s necessary to get to the root of what alcohol has been masking. There are plenty of mindfulness guides available online if you’re not sure where to start.

Incorporate New, Healthy Habits

Out with the old, in with the new. You’d be surprised with just how much time and money alcohol consumed during your days of drinking. It’s normal to feel restless and bored once you get rid of or cut back on this piece of your life. This makes it a great time to establish some new habits to take the place of drinking.

Yoga, game nights, reading, and getting creative are all wonderful new habits to put in place while you begin your journey to cut back on alcohol. If you feel the urge to drink, it’s important to have another, healthier activity to get your mind off it.

Company Outing Ideas That Your Employees Will Love


Competent employees are the heart and soul of most successful businesses, which is why it’s nice to let them out of the office every now and again by having company outings. These are great ways to show your employees that they are valued within the company and to recharge their batteries from months of hard work.

Here are some of the best company outing ideas that your employees will love.

Mini Golf

Mini golf scene with ball and club

Mini golf is one of the cheapest and most fun ways to spend a company outing. Not only does it give everyone a chance at a little friendly competition, but it gets the team outside in the sun instead of in cramped cubicles. Have some drinks, some food, and see how many holes you can make it through before being thwarted by an obstacle.

Attempting an Escape Room

Escape rooms are great for team building among employees, as it requires them to work together to solve puzzles and piece clues together in order to, well, escape the room. They range in difficulty and can be just about any sort of theme you could think of, making them accessible to pretty much everybody.

Sporting Event

Supporter holding balloons at sports event

It’s hard to beat a good trip to a local sporting event, but depending on where your office resides this might be easier for some than others. That being said, if you’re close to a college or professional football, baseball, hockey, basketball, soccer, or any other sports team, it’s an easy choice for your company outing.

There’s no doubt everyone will have a good time while sipping drinks, downing snacks, and rooting for the home team.


Young woman can't believe she's doing karaoke

You don’t have to be a professional singer to have fun at a karaoke bar, but you might need a few drinks first. By renting out the bar for an evening, you and your coworkers will be able to let loose and have fun without making local fools of yourselves as you attempt to sing without clearing out the bar.

The Perfect Outing

These company outing ideas are guaranteed to have your employees smiling and talking about the event for days to come. The occasional company outing is an effective way to keep your workers happy and appreciative, regardless of if the company works in the beauty field or the automotive industry, like Precision Restorations.

It doesn’t matter if your business is big or small, because your employees will have a blast all the same with any of these outing options!

3 Ways to Make Time For Your Hobbies


As your schedule gets busy, it is likely that you stop prioritizing your personal hobbies and activities that don’t directly pertain to your line of work. Although it can be difficult, finding the time to do activities that you enjoy is crucial for your mental health. Whether it’s playing a sport or finding ​​harley davidson aftermarket parts for your motorcycle, here are a few easy ways to make more time for your hobbies in your everyday life without guilt.

Plan Ahead

Woman freelance, business, hobby. Woman making ceramic pottery

Fitting hobbies into your busy schedule is easy when you plan ahead and designate a specific time for them. Try to fit a few hours each week on a specific day into your schedule solely for doing an activity of your choosing, and treat this scheduled time like any other obligation that you have to stick to. This will ensure that you always have time for your hobby and that it is a priority in your weekly schedule.

Find a Friend

Favourite hobby is fishing

Committing to any hobby, activity, or plan is easy when you are able to do it alongside a friend. Reaching out to a friend who shares the same interests as you and planning to commit to doing certain activities on a certain day is an easy way to prioritize and look forward to your hobbies; plus, committing to something alongside someone else can help hold you accountable, so you will stick to your plan even if your schedule gets busy. Plus, no matter what hobby you’re enjoying, doing it with a friend is almost always more fun than doing it alone!

Find a Routine

Photography hobby. Young stylish man standing on city street taking photos on camera concentrated side view

While you might initially feel weird for taking time out of your busy schedule to do a fun hobby, the truth is that doing so is necessary for finding a balance between your personal and professional life; and doing so will get easier with time. Try to set a strong daily routine in which you are able to prioritize your hobbies each day. Whether it’s devoting 20 minutes to practicing an instrument each morning or getting into the habit of taking a run right after work, once your favorite hobby is part of your daily routine, it will be easier for you to prioritize it without any guilt.

5 Ways to Improve Your Anti-Aging Skincare Routine


The secret to youthful-looking skin is maintaining a consistent routine featuring products and tools with skin-loving, anti-aging ingredients from a young age. It is never too early to take steps towards preventing signs of aging in your skin, as it is much easier to prevent wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging than it is to correct them once they appear. If you are looking for some products and steps to incorporate into your daily skincare routine, here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Cleanse Gently

Skincare Treatment

Regardless of your skin type, you should be cleansing your skin twice a day, morning and night. Using a gentle facial cleanser can help prevent damage, as irritating sensitive skin with a harsh cleanser can accelerate signs of aging.

Don’t Forget Sunscreen

One of the most effective ways to prevent dark spots and discoloration is to regularly wear sunscreen with an SPF of 40 or higher every day, regardless of the season or weather. SPF protection is not just for the summer or days you will be spending outside; even minimal exposure to UV rays can lead to skin damage and signs of aging if you don’t use protection.


Skin Care. Beautiful Black Girl After Showering Applying Moisturising Cream On Face

For those who struggle with acne or oily skin, using a moisturizer and adding more oil to the skin might seem harmful. The production of excess oil (and the acne that results) is actually a response to your skin is parched, so adding moisturizer can help improve the quality and clarity of your skin. Plus, rich facial creams trap water against the skin and have a plumping effect, minimizing your risk for wrinkles over time.

Seek Clinical Care

If you have already begun to see signs of aging on your skin, there are cosmetic procedures available that are safe, effective, and have many benefits for the health of your skin. The Institute of National Health offers services such as under-eye microneedling, which treat fine lines and wrinkles. Visit for more information on these services.

Use Serums

Reusable skincare accessorize. Zero waste sustainable lifestyle concept

In between cleansing and moisturizing, you should be using a serum to add extra nutrients and moisture to your skin. There are countless anti-aging serums on the market, and it can be a trial and error process to find one that works for your skin. Serums with ingredients like retinol, vitamin C, or peptides are proven to be the most effective in both preventing and treating signs of aging.

How To Balance Having a Family and Having a Career as a Nurse


Nursing has long been a female-dominated profession, but as there is an increasing number of male nurses, it’s becoming more difficult for females to balance family and careers. This article will help nurses to find their career and personal life balance by discussing how to balance their family and work responsibilities.

Whether you are currently a nurse or have just started nursing school, this article will help you to achieve your career goals as well as maintain personal happiness and success.

What’s the Best Way to Balance Having a Family and Having a Career?

Woman working as nurse with computer and documents

You have to prioritize your family and your career. If you are a committed parent, then you have to maintain time for the family in order to be a good parent.

The most important thing is to maintain communication and avoid conflicts in the family.

Work-life balance is an important factor that contributes to success in both nursing and personal life.

There are several methods or techniques that provide ways how to balance having a family and having a career as a nurse; here are a few ideas.

Prioritize Both Your Family and Your Work Time

It’s a delicate balance, but you do need to learn how to work it. By allocating time for each of the priorities, you will be able to enjoy both your family and your career.

It’s quite likely that one or both of these are important aspects of your life. It’s important to find a balance between the two when you have little ones at home.

Your family, however, is not just limited to two people, so include siblings, grandparents, and more into the equation as well.

Stay Organized

Nurse and doctor in discussion

Work and family time can slip away if you aren’t careful. Utilize calendars, planners and other forms of organization to stay on top of everything.

Fill in your workday with tasks and events, then fill in the family calendar with both work-related and personal priorities. The goal is to create a schedule that you follow regularly in order to achieve success.

Delegate Tasks

Delegating tasks is a simple way to balance your family and work responsibilities. You aren’t required to do everything on your own, so delegate the tasks among family members who are able to help.

It’s also a good idea to assign tasks before you begin your workday so that you can clearly see what needs to be done as well as when.

Nurture Your Family Bonding Time

Family discussing medical treatment with african american nurse in hospital

Nurturing your family bonding time is extremely important because it will help make sure that there aren’t any duplicate functions in your life.

It’s important for you to be around your family on a consistent basis so that both you and your family can benefit from the time together.

The other family members will benefit too of course, but this is particularly true for the mother. You need to nurture this time because it’s important, so make sure you put in the effort.

Overcome Work-Life Conflict with Work-Life Balance Training (and Join a Support Group if Needed)

Work-life balance training is a great way for nurses to overcome work-life conflicts or conflicts between their careers and personal lives.

This includes things like balancing between work and home life, job requirements versus family requirements, as well as how to handle finances and personal health.

Joining a support group can also help you to better balance your work and personal life, as well as assist you in meeting new friends.

These groups typically utilize technology, but some may meet face-to-face to discuss common interests or challenges they are facing.

Don’t Let Distractions Interfere with Your Life Goals

Distractions can be tricky because they can really interfere with your plans and goals in life. One of the major distractions is technology, which often prevents people from concentrating on what’s important.

In other words, you may be tempted to spend an extended amount of time on the internet, on your phone, or with other technology.

These activities will likely have to be curbed because they will interfere with your family and work goals, so figure out how you can cut back or overcome your tech distractions.

Take Care of Yourself Physically

Staying physically fit is a good way to achieve a balance between family and career. Do things that allow you to have fun, but also encourage healthy activities like hiking, aerobics, and cycling.

You should also incorporate some healthy eating habits into your daily routine as well including things like fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins and nutrients.

Take Time for Yourself

Taking time for yourself is another important way to balance your family and work responsibilities.

Take at least 30 minutes every day to do something that helps you relax and also rejuvenate yourself. This could include activities such as going on a short walk, meditating or taking a hot shower.

You can even go out to your favorite restaurant for a relaxing meal with friends, or perhaps even a nice cup of coffee! Try different things and see what works best for you.

Look After Your Mental Health First

Last, but certainly not least, you should look after your mental health first in order to keep everything else balanced in your life as well. Learn how to manage your anxiety or stress, so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

This will help you to stay calm and focused on what’s important to you in life, which is beneficial for both your family and your career.

These are just a few ideas or techniques for the best way to balance having a family and having a career as a nurse, but you should note that this is largely dependent on the individual.

What Factors Go into Choosing to be a Nurse?

Young Chinese family standing in a hospital corridor with a doctor and a nurse

The nursing profession is truly one of the noblest and most respectable careers on the planet. Nursing is a rewarding career that can lead to a happy and content life.

If you’re thinking of becoming a nurse, or if you just want to know more information about this fantastic career, then please read on.

There are many factors that go into choosing to become a nurse, including your personality and natural characteristics.

For example, if you’re naturally intelligent, caring, and nurturing, then you’re probably suited for a nursing career. If you have a genuine concern for other people’s needs and welfare (and have had this experience most of your life), then it’s likely that you’re a good candidate for nursing school as well.

Can you Have It All as a Nurse?

It depends on what you mean by “it all.” If by “it all” you mean a a great nursing career and still be able to balance your family life, then yes. Being a nurse has many perks that other jobs don’t offer.

However, if you’re searching for perfection in any aspect of your life, then the answer is no because no one is perfect. Your journey to find perfection will continue as long as you’re breathing oxygen and drinking water.

Managing Work-life At Different Stages

Working solid hours can be difficult at times, but it’s important that you prioritize your work life to ensure that you have time for your family and friends while you’re working.

As the years go by, your responsibilities will change and you’ll have to face new challenges. It’s important to know that this is natural and healthy, and nothing to worry about.

These are the stages of your career as a nurse, so it will be important that you manage your time well in order to ensure that you’re making the most out of each stage of your nursing career.

If you’ve just graduated from nursing school (or are actively enrolled) and are ready to join the workforce, you may be extremely excited or nervous about getting started on this amazing new journey, but either way, it’s something that must happen if you want to begin your nursing career.


Being a nurse is a rewarding career, but one that requires an enormous amount of time, effort, and focus. You’ll need to find balance in your life so that you can work well and play well.

This guide has given you some useful information about the best way to balance your family life and your nursing career, but remember that this is not set in stone.

You can tweak it to suit your specific needs or ways to achieve balance by adding or removing some activities.

As your career develops, you’ll quickly learn what works best for you, and may even find that certain things you tried simply weren’t the best fit for your life.

This is a good thing as it means that you have room to try different things and see what works best for you.

It also means that there’s always something new to try when you’re exploring ways to balance your career and family life.

Ultimately, being a nurse is up to you. It’s your decision on how to balance your family life and career, and only you can decide if you want to take the plunge into nursing or not!

8 Actors That Will Motivate You To Get A Gym Membership


Finding the motivation to get to the gym can be a workout in itself. There’s always something that keeps you from going: it’s too cold out; you don’t have time; what’s the point because you’re going to demolish a pizza later?

However, what it all boils down to are motivation and willpower. One way to see the results of the two is by looking at some of your favorite movie stars that have already put in the work through intense training and a strict diet. Here are some motivational results from famous actors so that all you have to worry about is the willpower part.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Less of a rock and more of a mountain, Dwayne Johnson is one of the most iconic actors in the film industry. While he started out as a pro wrestler, we’re glad he managed to cross over onto the big screen. The action star consumes an insane amount of calories each day, mostly protein, and always manages to squeeze the gym into a busy schedule. Whether he’s intimidating bad guys in Fast and Furious or getting sucked into the world of Jumanji, you can almost guarantee there will be a line thrown in about his stature. With a heart as big as his biceps, Dwayne manages to impress audiences with his physical physique as well as various acts of kindness—the true definition of a gentle giant.

‘The Batmen

Christian Bale

We’ve got to hand it to both Ben Affleck and Christian Bale, because each of them successfully transformed their bodies to become ‘The Batman’ in their own unique ways, but to incredible results. Ben spend nearly two years buffing up for his role as the caped crusader by implementing a restrictive diet that was high in protein, and his training sequence in Batman V Superman shows off what he earned.

Christian Bale also went through rigorous training for The Dark Knight trilogy, putting on an astounding 100 pounds in the process. After his previous film, The machinist, in which he played an anorexic character and weighted as little as 115 pounds, there was a lot of muscle to put on before dawning the cowl. However, he managed to completely transform his body in only six months. If he can do all that in half a year, we can all put in the effort to lose a few pounds.

Stephen Amell

Stephen Amell

Most popular for his role as the run as the green-hooded vigilante in The CW’s Arrow, Stephen Amell achieved a proficient level of fitness due in large part to bodyweight exercises. While there was indeed some level of weights involved, as well as a strict diet, The Green Arrow prefers to mostly manipulate his body weight in order to get creative with his workouts. This might include parkour, pull-ups, push-ups, jump-rope, and much more. This proves that you don’t need to be able to bench 300 pounds to achieve results. Nobody would blame you if you started wearing a green hoodie to the gym and attempting the salmon ladder, just don’t hurt yourself.

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman

The famous Wolverine didn’t develop his physic overnight. In fact, he didn’t even obtain it during his first film in X-Men. However, Hugh did eventually achieve a level of fitness that is more than impressive. Through a closely monitored diet and intense exercise, the actor increased his muscle mass and became much leaner at the same time. If you’ve any doubts, just watch the first film and then skip to The Wolverine, and you’ll see how much effort the actor must have put in—which is why we kept watching him play the claw-wielding mutant for 16 years!

Jason Statham

Jason Statham

This action star has been in countless films over the years, including The Expendables, Fast and Furious, The Transporter, and countless others. The 54-year-old actor has maintained a strict diet and training regime through the years, as well as taking it upon himself to learn kung-fu, karate, and kickboxing to be able to perform his own stunts and moves on set.

J.K. Simmons

J.K. Simmons

This prolific actor may not see a lot of crime-fighting, but when he wants to pack on some muscle, he can get the job done. While some thought he was bulking up for his role as Commissioner Gordon in The Justice League, the actor apparently built himself an impressive pair of biceps on his own accord. This is even more impressive when you acknowledge the fact that he is in his 60s!

Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt

While Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans have certainly earned their physics and played their parts well as the mighty Thor and morally adept Captain America, Chris Pratt steals the spot as our top ‘Chris’ in the MCU for the fact that he went through the most dramatic change. Having played the hilarious Andy Dwyer in Parks and Recreation, Chris had a little bit of a gut to lose—don’t we all—and when he initially auditioned for the role of Starlord in Guardians of the Galaxy he was told that he didn’t have the physic they were looking for. However, he fit the character so well that he got the part anyway, then went on to lose the weight himself to better fit the character. Well, the before and after pictures speak for themselves. It just goes to show what you can accomplish with a goal in mind.

Ready to Pump Some Iron?

Watching a motivating movie or TV show in which the actors have clearly trained for the role is enough to motivate anyone to improve their own lifestyle. You don’t have to be as big as The Rock or as lean as Hugh Jackman, but simply implementing their mindset into your own workout routine may be enough to keep you going back again and again until the results start to show. If you need a boost to get you motivated, medical HCG is a great way to get your metabolism rolling for the fastest results. It’s all about dedication and willpower, and you’ve got what it takes—maybe you’ll even be the next Batman.

Clever Ways to Affordably Increase Your Cool Factor


When you were a kid, being cool was probably near the top of your priority list. Back then, it may not have seemed too hard. Just buy the latest gadgets and the trendiest clothes and you were on your way.

However, as you get older, finding ways to feel cool gets harder (and more expensive). You can’t simply buy your way into being interesting and unique. You need to find ways to set yourself apart. Here are a few good ways to feel cool without spending an arm and a leg.

Get a Classic Car


When your friends are driving luxury vehicles that all look the same despite the high price tags, you can feel like something special in a classic car. Classic cars never seem to lose their cool.

As finding a classic old car gets harder and harder, driving one gets cooler and cooler. Don’t assume that you need to pay for a fully restored model in order to enjoy driving one. You can buy a used car inexpensively and then seek out car restoration near me to get it into great shape.

Adopt a Dog


Adopting a dog from your local shelter is all the rage these days. Not only will your friends be impressed by your cute new dog, but they’ll also admire you for saving a life.

Furthermore, having a dog is the perfect excuse to post up on the patio at your local dog-friendly bar. Not to mention that the companionship of a dog can bring a lot of joy and meaning to your life. Not ready for the commitment of dog ownership? Consider fostering.

Go Thrifting


What’s a great way to save money and have a super cool wardrobe? Check out your local thrift store. You can find things while thrifting that you could never find at a full-price store. Styles and trends repeat themselves.

You’ll find stylish items that cost a few cents but look very much like what is selling at top prices at your local boutique store. Whether you want to get most of your wardrobe from the thrift store or just want to find a few signature jackets or hats, thrifting is a great way to look cool for cheap.

Stay Cool for Less

The older we get, the harder it seems to feel cool, especially if you don’t want to empty your bank account trying to keep up with the latest trends. By driving a classic car, adopting a pet, and thrifting for your clothes, you may be amazed by how affordably you can increase your cool factor.

Why It’s Important to Keep a Photobook for Your Family


Life is precious and family is one of the most important things. Pictures are important because they capture the most important memories. Even though the present society takes a lot of photos, there are no photo printers. With photo books, it is possible to keep your memories alive for a long time. The following are a few important reasons to keep a family photo book.

  1. Capturing Important Family Moments

Think of all the important memories you have had with your family. Some of the most important ones include; your child’s first day at school, a newborn’s first smile, family weddings, and family vacations. With photo books, you can continue to look back at your important firsts, and how far your family has come.

  1. They Help You Declutter

Having all your important photos in a photo book may help you declutter. While having all your important photos may be great, you may have a challenge keeping them neat. You may create a few photo books to cover the different aspects of your family’s journey. It is much more effective than piling up old photo albums.

  1. They are Great Gifts

If you are unsure of the right gift to give a family member, photo books are always a good idea. You may use photos of their most important memories. You have the chance to be as creative as you wish.

  1. They Tell a Story

Use a photo book to tell stories that are important to you and your family. Consider the story of your family and think about the most appropriate style to tell it. You may use different photo books to tell different stories including; your family tree, important firsts, and family events.

  1. To Experience the Offline World Online

Most people no longer print their photos. They prefer to store them online. Unfortunately, it is easy to lose them, especially if they are not backed up. The experience of scrolling through photos online is very different from going through them offline. Photo books are the balance between old photo albums and storing photos online.

  1. It Promotes Creativity

When creating photo books, you have the choice of using any theme you want. You may also tell whatever story that is important to you. It promotes creativity and encourages you to think out of the box. If you are looking for a way to bring out the creative spirit of your family, photo books may be the answer.

  1. Tilting Your Memory Positively

People tend to remember negative events more than positive ones. If you have a photo book for your family, it is easy to remember and appreciate the positive events more. People are more likely to take photos of positive events than negative ones. Looking back at them may help you stay positive.

If you do not keep records, it is very easy for you and your family to forget important events. If you are looking for help with your family photo book, consider working with Mixbook. It is free, convenient, and easy to use. You only need to pay for the printed books you order. You can play around with the themes until you find the one that works for you. You get to choose the size, format, and cover style. The customer service is also great.


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