3 guaranteed ways to assuage airport stress


When travelling is in your blood, withstanding public transport is vital to your enjoyment of your permanent holiday – but trying to negotiate an airport could still create some aneurysm-inducing stress.

Indeed, many people view airports as more stressful than moving house or an eight-hour working day, and it’s easy to see why.

Endless pat downs and questions from security staff, long queues to purgatorial departure lounges, the constant looming threat of terrorism, police with guns and staff haranguing you about 25ml of liquids in your bag – it’s not a fun ride.

Walk through an airport and you’ll be met by a parade of sourpusses, the type of people who look like they’ve been forced to watch Mortdecai a thousand times in a row. By the time they’ve boarded a plane, their faces will be fulminating like thunderstorms.

assuage airport stress

But not everyone finds airports quite so stressful. Amidst the anger merchants there are some people with genuine smiles on their faces. These are the Zen people of the airport and they’ve got one secret reason for looking so satisfied – they came prepared.

Indeed, even a modicum of preparation can help you before your flight. So what tips would we recommend?

Parking in no time

Trying to park your car at the airport is a herculean task, akin to Waiting for Godot or some other existential nightmare – you reckon a space will show itself eventually, but it seems to take forever.

You’ll drive round and round in vain, before dumping your car miles from your terminal. It’s the precursor to numerous flightmares to come.

Which is why many larger airports allow you to reserve a space before you arrive. Others let third-party companies deal with their vehicle overflow. Edinburgh airport parking, for instance, allows you to drop your car at a parking site and ride directly to your terminal via a shuttle service. There’s little that’s more relaxing.

Know all the questions

Airport staff are full of questions, and they expect answers fast. Before you head to the airport, check all security protocols online and make sure you follow them to the letter. With security checks out of the way quickly, you’ll have more time to relax in the departure lounge.

Special departure

Bog-standard departure lounges are about as enjoyable as a lobotomy. So why not choose an upgrade? VIP departure lounges are available for a relatively cheap price – and they provide an excellent service.

In a VIP departure lounge, you’ll be treated to a huge number of extras, including complimentary drinks, free newspapers, comfortable seating and great food. You’ll never be bored in a departure lounge again!


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